I'm sick!?

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User Info: ykcir23

5 years ago#1
Why does every one say I don't look good!?

Or I'm sick!?!?
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User Info: mirthander

5 years ago#2
i would like to know also
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User Info: jedistormtroop

5 years ago#3
i get it alot too
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User Info: vigorm0rtis

5 years ago#4
I hope this is just in-game, guys.
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User Info: BassGsSpDeluxe

5 years ago#5
Are you a vampire?

Have you contracted a disease or illness?

Have you gone a certain amount of time without sleeping in-game?

Mind you, I'm just guessing if those might be reasons.
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User Info: mirthander

5 years ago#6
maybe its the sleep thing
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User Info: me20723

5 years ago#7
go to your menu, then hit magic. at the bottom will be active effects, hit that and you should see if you have any diseases.

User Info: Linkinpark03

5 years ago#8
There is a temple in whiterun where you can get deseases cured. It's probably the thing some people get from bleak falls barrow
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User Info: zean22

5 years ago#9
it's because you've been playing skyrim since midnight, and you haven't drank/eaten/slept/toileted for like 10 hours.

User Info: Socrato

5 years ago#10
Somehow I thought you meant in real life lol.
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