Unarmed viable?

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User Info: dotsrus

6 years ago#1
Just got my copy of skyrim and was wondering how effective is unarmed combat as in will i get far in the game with it? Or do i need to have some secondary form of attack with a weapon or magic?

User Info: WestSdeNleVrus

6 years ago#2
For the most part they completely forgot about unarmed in this game...it can be done...but with extreme difficulties. The kitty cats get a bonus to unarmed thanks to their claws and theres a perk in the heavy armor tree that allows for gauntlets to increase unarmed damage. That's about it.

User Info: nhamilton310

6 years ago#3
dotsrus posted...
Just got my copy of skyrim and was wondering how effective is unarmed combat as in will i get far in the game with it? Or do i need to have some secondary form of attack with a weapon or magic?

Khajit has an ability that adds unarmed damage. there are perks that add damage, and you can enchant armor for more.

How viable it will be...who knows? The game has been out for all of 7 hours.

Do what I plan on doing...play the game and find out.
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User Info: jason9832

6 years ago#4
There is no unarmed skill tree

User Info: robthebob

6 years ago#5
Will someone please explain the appeal of Unarmed for me in games like this? It's usually an option with its own skills and bonuses but I've never really understood why I would want to focus in it when I'm surrounded by so many cool weapons to choose from. Not trying to knock anyone who loves to go unarmed, I'm just genuinely curious.

User Info: IcyBlaze_XZ

6 years ago#6
^Probably the satisfaction and badass-ery of taking down a giant or a horde of enemies with your bare hands

User Info: Ninja_Guyver

6 years ago#7
The unarmed animations sometimes look better than what they did with the sword and axes...kind of sad as the game wasn't intended to be played with unarmed.
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User Info: ErocDeromra

6 years ago#8
Dude - I took down that dragon with magic!

Yeah, so I killed a dragon wtih only my blade!

C'mon dudes, I did it with my bare freaking hands man. You ever felt the throat of a Dragon break in your hands? No - I didn't think so, cuz you used an axe and a cold spell.
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User Info: Rodxxx

6 years ago#9
cause it's a RP game with some 'do whatever you want' perspective .. so if you wanna make a nekkid monk style char, you should have the means to do so, that's an example appeal of unarmed

User Info: wolfy42

6 years ago#10
From what I have seen unarmed is over powered in the early game, but as you get more perks and better weapons it becomes less so.

Initially though it does more damage then 2 handed weapons if your the cat race. It has a base 15 damage....as a cat vs a greatswords 12 base damage. It attacks MUCH faster and uses less stamina as well.

If you upgrade heavy armor and take a perk that requires a 30 in heavy armor, you can add your gauntlets armor bonus (after all heavy armor bonuses) to your unarmed damage as well.

I'm not sure if it keeps being really powerful end game....I can see already that weapons are starting to outshine unarmed.....but it makes the early game very easy/dull. Killing everything in 2 hits or so....without using much stamina...and attacking much faster then most enemies removes alot of the challenge. Heck you can take out the first guy you follow in the game without even getting touched by using unarmed (even if he won't die and just cowers and resets when you do).

So yeah...it works early on. It would work fine for a long term spellcasting build that just wants to have something else to do early on for instance. I'd suggest avoiding it though since it makes the game too easy initially (and thus boring) and then probably won't be as good as weapons end game.
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