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User Info: FlyinHawaiin444

6 years ago#1
Should I take out Kematu and his boys?

User Info: Phantasmplus

6 years ago#2
I don't know, the way he told the story made me betray whatshernuggets. I don't know whose lying though, Kematu was very convincing that she was a dirty traitor.
But I am weak and helpless!

User Info: C ICE

6 years ago#3

I'm pretty sure the outcome is the same for the player in the long run, no matter what you choose to do: a 500 gold reward. I think its whoever you personally want to believe.
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User Info: FlyinHawaiin444

6 years ago#4
Think I might help the chick.

For the boobs and for the sweet looking scimitars.

User Info: FlyinHawaiin444

6 years ago#5
Yeah so she is the bad person.

But I helped her anyway by loading up a save after I helped Kematu. That battle was epic. Bottlenecked all the scimitar dudes and shield bashed and axe hacked them all down. I love it.

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