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User Info: LoydIrving

5 years ago#1
Can you actually use it to make lunar weapons? Because it hasn't worked for me.
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User Info: UshiBlue

5 years ago#2
Maybe it works like enchanting, in that you have to disenchant a lunar weapon to learn how to make them? Both my roommates and I are trying to figure it out too.

User Info: lordbedlam360

5 years ago#3
it is an enchantment
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User Info: Locke90

5 years ago#4
LoydIrving posted...
Can you actually use it to make lunar weapons? Because it hasn't worked for me.

I think it has to be done when the two moons are in the sky not during the day

User Info: CloudS

5 years ago#5
If you disenchant one of the Lunar weapons you find at the forge you get the Silent Moons enchantment. "At night burns the target for 10." Doesn't sound like the vampiric effect the book talks about. I'm waiting around the forge now to see if I can get both moons in the sky overhead.
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User Info: Halectic

5 years ago#6
The Lunar weapons are also scaling weapons, assuming you dont remove the enchantment
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User Info: HOODFLY

5 years ago#7
I'm trying to figure it out to.
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User Info: rwhitl1084

5 years ago#8
So you have to disenchant the weapon then forge a new one?

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