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I hate my TV. I can't use my compass.

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  3. I hate my TV. I can't use my compass.

User Info: jmd777

5 years ago#1
Didn't realize everything was going to be so small and close to the edges. I always played Oblivion on it just fine and despite a few things being slightly cut off, it never gave me a problem and I could play just fine.

Yes it's an SDTV but it's a 32in flatscreen so it usually suits my needs to where I could never justify spending the money on a new TV. So I buy Skyrim today knowing it won't look as great as it could, but thinking it would at least be playable. And now I see that the compass is completely cut off of the screen.

I can deal with the small text and a touch of blurriness, but without a compass I'm probably screwed, aren't I? Also cuts off the items menu to where I just see



But at least I can figure that much out lol.

User Info: BadVodka

5 years ago#2
I can't read the CC on my TV.

User Info: RyoKaiba

5 years ago#3
Think that's bad? I can barely see my HUD. Can't tell how much magicka or stamina I have left most times.
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User Info: jmd777

5 years ago#4
My HUD is nearly gone as well. I can only see a slight portion of my health/magic/stamina. Enough to where I can see it if I take the time to really look at it, but not enough to take a quick glance and really know immediately when I'm in the thick of things.

User Info: vega2505

5 years ago#5
I can only see about half of the text that tells you what you pick up or where you are when you get there...but other than that I can see everything...obviously you have bad SDTVs...or some kind of screen warpage.
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  3. I hate my TV. I can't use my compass.

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