Magicka Health or Stamina?

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User Info: ZenzokukenX

6 years ago#1
I'm a Redguard and I'm gonna be Heavy armor and one handed... should I choose Magicka Health or Stamina when I level up? (i'm guessing NOT Magicka?)
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User Info: ZenzokukenX

6 years ago#2
Or does it not matter? I mean some RPG's HEALTH isn't a big deal if your defense is beast by the end of the game... would it be better to get stamina every time or both health and stamina equally??
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User Info: ZenzokukenX

6 years ago#3
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User Info: airblade369

6 years ago#4
just do a mix of health and stamina if you dont plan on using magic
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User Info: thermopylae

6 years ago#5
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User Info: ZenzokukenX

6 years ago#6
Thanks guys!
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User Info: wolfy42

6 years ago#7
I disagree to some extent as I don't think stamina is as important/useful after a few points of course as health.

As far as magicka I don't think it's worthwhile for least if they use enchant later on thier equipment. You can get plenty of max magica (and regen for that matter) through equipment. If you are primarily a mage you'll start with 180 magica in fact...and it just goes up from there. Wasting points into magicka seems....well like a waste to me. It doesn't add to damage or regen or anything else...just max magicka....which is easily replenished if you need it.

Next is stamina. If your a melee character you'll want more....especially if your pure melee...but even so going 50/50 is overkill in my opinion. You don't need 500 stamina end game at way...not even for pure melee characters.

Going 50/50 till you get 200 stamina though might make sense (not to mention another 50 carrying capacity is always nice)....but honestly health is where it is at...almost to the point of taking the decision away from characters.

If you put 100 points into stamina....and 700 into'll end up with 800 max health, 200 max stamina and probably around 300 or so max magicka (after equipment boosts). If you leveled all 3 evenly you wouldn't even double your max magicka...and have no effect on damage or regen time.

I'm playing a mostly pure spellcaster right now with archery on the side so stamina is much less important to him. Magicka you would think would be very important but it's not. I went with high elf for the bonus 50 base magicka and ability to boost regen once a day. The only time I have magicka problems is vs large fights (dragons etc) and I just pop the regen ability for that. Even then with the natural boost to magicka regen I get from equipment and my 120 total bonus magicka from equipment (enchanting rocks)...and thats just so far....I rarely even need to use my regen ability...and have yet to use a regen magicka potion (I have a ton as backup though).

Once I max enchanting (still a long way to go) I'll be able to double up on enchantments I think......although I certainly won't use it for additional max magica hehe.
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User Info: SniperNightOwl

6 years ago#8
I play argonian, she's already fast so I favor stamina a lot so I can run circles around my opponents and wear them down easily, that's how my one in oblivion played. I rarely die this way, I also enjoy hit, run and tank/heal playstyle. Level up fast as well
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User Info: shackobrah

6 years ago#9
This is how I went about it as a spell blade type player.

I went 150 to magic then 200 health. Now headed to 200 stam.

The reason being for magic is things are more expensive at first and perks are not as great. With the resto magic regen perks and with items I found later magic isn't usually a problem.

Eventually I'll even it to 200, then start on mostly health. I think early game is hard in skyrim since you have not unlocked a good amount of perks with any sort of synergy. For me the game is getting easier and easier as my spell blade does more and more damage and takes less of it.
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User Info: Edavy89

6 years ago#10
I just use enchantments that make all my spells free to cast. IT!
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