Orichalcum ore, where to find

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User Info: Turgoo

5 years ago#1
Has anyone even found some, perhaps in a mine or wherever

User Info: Ray5555

5 years ago#2
The blacksmith in skyforge (SP?) usually has some. I also found some in dungeons, dragons(sdon't know why they had it) Enemies
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User Info: MyExtraAccount

5 years ago#3
I found two deposits of it on top of his mountain/hill. It was more of a hill. I can't tell you where since I didn't check my map at the time:/

User Info: EmptyArchetype

5 years ago#4
A Khajiit trader outside of Whiterun was selling some in my game. I don't know if this is always in his inventory, however.

User Info: MixalisOwen

5 years ago#5
Bilegulch Mine, southwest of Fort Sungard.

User Info: EtTuBrute8

5 years ago#6
I was walkin down some road near whiterun and a random orc woman started talkin trash to me. I tried to intimidate her but she attacked me, bad mistake. Me and lydia messed her up. Anyway she was carrying an orcichalcum ingot.
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User Info: RevolverRez

5 years ago#7
On the way to the Greybeards you need to pass a village. Before the village is a waterfall and theres a lone troll near it. In its little den you'll find some corpses with some loot and a vein of Orichalcum.
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User Info: MixalisOwen

5 years ago#8
Also, any Orc stronghold connected to a mine will contain Orichalcum as it's used in orcish armor/weapons. they can be difficult to get into if your not blood-kin.

User Info: Selestiana

5 years ago#9
MixalisOwen posted...
Bilegulch Mine, southwest of Fort Sungard.

Definitely what you said. I'm not one to check online to find out where things are but after randomly stumbling into this mine I feel as though I had to find out if anyone else found it. GREAT place to go. I think I got over 23 ore... be careful of the captain guy in there... I'm a sneaker and DB listener max so I was able to slit this guy's throat.... only after reloading since he WTF pwned me the first time i attempted to take him head-on. Hope this helps :D
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