What class is the most fun?

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  3. What class is the most fun?

User Info: ShadowXOR

6 years ago#1
I played Oblivion ages ago and it was OK but pretty flawed. I loved Fallout 3 and Dark Souls. Now playing Skyrim the combat seems really bad and clunky. Enemies don't react when hit, it just basically feels like spam the right trigger, I just don't know how to enjoy myself at this point as the combat seems really shallow and boring. Everything else is amazing...any advice?
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User Info: TheKyubi

6 years ago#2
If you don't like the combat just go archery or mage.
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User Info: xxxchrisxxx

6 years ago#3
I have multiple eyegasms using magic.
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User Info: KudZu

6 years ago#4
Magic is probably the most fun. A stealth archer with daggers is probably the most powerful.

User Info: HighOnPhazon

6 years ago#5
Full Magic, no melee weapons.

I honestly got sick of the melee combat like after the very first area (where you're about to get executed)

I haven't gotten sick of using Destruction magic in both hands yet after 20+ hours.
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User Info: Artha_Penn

6 years ago#6

From: xxxchrisxxx | #003
I have multiple eyegasms using magic.

dude..you should so use that as your sig. @_@
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User Info: rustlersgoalie

6 years ago#7
A warrior with a sword and shield is slow at first but once you get a few perks and get to around lvl 8-10 and have good armor and weapons it is a blast. Non stop skull crushing.

Mages are fun right off the bat and assassin/thief are all dependant on the person.
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  3. What class is the most fun?

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