(spoilers) How the #@$%# do you beat Krosis?!?

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  3. (spoilers) How the #@$%# do you beat Krosis?!?

User Info: Assassin_X_Geth

6 years ago#1
I happened to find the dragon ( and killed it) and the as I approached the Dragon Wall thing this Mage called "Krosis" came out. I cannot kill him for the life of me! I used up like 30 health potions and only had him down to 90% health before I had to flee. Is there some secret to killing him?!?
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User Info: markcsii

6 years ago#2
yeah, i got the shout while Sven tanked him.

then i ran away. hopefully he's still there when i'm up to the task of taking him on again.
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User Info: Unknwnwrrior

6 years ago#3
No. Just Kite by using the rocks. Come back later if you're struggling.

User Info: Zaerek

6 years ago#4
I killed him at level 6.

Hit him with everything you got, then run away. Fus shout will stun him.

If you get far enough, you can rest for an hour, refill your stats and save your progress. He'll be where he was and didn't heal.

Repeat infinity.

User Info: Tavy89

6 years ago#5
I ran a mile....
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User Info: eugene1222

6 years ago#6
I dunno, I killed him in 2-3 power attacks.

What level are you and what equipment/spells are you using?

I was level 26, I had a daedric battleaxe self enchanted and self smithed+upgraded all the way to legendary, and I had an armor set which had altogether 124% fortify 2 handed attacks enchantment, so I was pretty much prepared for anything lol
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User Info: VoidNoodle

6 years ago#7
I was a Mage.
He was standing on a certain point, and I was behind the rocks.
Sure enough, I can hit him, he can't. Didn't even think of going around the rocks.
Killed him that way.
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User Info: ryan0991

6 years ago#8
Oh man...

I had a hell of a time killing him. Lydia eventually somehow pushed him off the cliff then I just shot him with about 50 arrows until he finally died.
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User Info: Halectic

6 years ago#9
You get a decent helm from him also
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User Info: FreedanEternal

6 years ago#10
It's a surprisingly tough encounter that one can find fairly early. I thought it was awesome.

Anyway, with my greatsword warrior, at the time even a power attack only took a sliver of his health. Use line-of-sight to beat his spells, Fus shout to interrupt his spells, and take him down a piece at a time.
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  3. (spoilers) How the #@$%# do you beat Krosis?!?

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