Where to find new shouts/words of power?

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  3. Where to find new shouts/words of power?

User Info: RaccoonKyle

6 years ago#1
I have all 3 words for Unrelenting Force, and only one for Whirlwind sprint. Where can I find the rest of the words for WS, or more shouts altogether?
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User Info: bubbas111

6 years ago#2
In ruins. You should have a courier stop you some times and give you a letter from " a friend" that will point some out to you.

User Info: RaccoonKyle

6 years ago#3
Are they usually in the ruins with the puzzles that usually involve rotating stones with snakes, eagles, and fish(?) on them? I've ran across one but I couldn't figure it out for the life of me.
Currently playing: Skyrim, Dark Souls, Team Fortress 2

User Info: NobleRoar

6 years ago#4
If you look on your map compass, whenever there's a dragon head icon, there's one there for sure. Also in a lot of caves. I've also found that completing the questlines give you many, I believe the main quest line gave me 9 separate shouts.
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User Info: ProphetBlade88

6 years ago#5
A lot of quests will lead you to ruins and caverns and stuff that will place words of power right in front of you that you need to get in order to advance through them. The dragon icons on the map will also have them, and you can ask one of the Greybeards to point them out for you on the map.

So just play the game like you normally would and you'll find them.

Protip: I found my first word for Whirlwind Sprint doing the initiation quest for the Bards College...
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User Info: thefinalzapkeet

6 years ago#6
also, if you talk to the gray beard leader he'll mark locations where you can get the shouts (not necessarily the words, unique new shouts)

granted, i've gotten 3 of them and it just feels like it's getting a bit old >_> considering I run into like 5 dungeons on the way traveling to it, and I have this tendency to want to do the dungeon right away. When i'm concentrated on a goal i don't like to be distracted for too long
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User Info: henzler3

6 years ago#7
also icons that looks like a claw on your map have some, but like the others said, the best way to start getting shouts is to do the main quest, which is basically a big tortuial on how to use shots.

but generally if you keep doing big quests like the civil war, you will find them also, if anything I found like 2 in the quest
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User Info: Phantaxus

6 years ago#8
This might help


User Info: UnGreat

6 years ago#9
The barrow in the town just before the steps up to the greybeards has one, just talk to the barmen in the tavern there before and after.

User Info: zerobobo

6 years ago#10
found a bunch doing quests, random quest will send me to a dungeon and ill find a power word wall.
ive found, fire breath, cold breath, become ethereal, disarm, mark of death, and whirlwind sprint. but i still almost exclusively use unrelenting force.

if you see a dragon head on your map, its an outdoor ruin with a dragon around it. it'll have a power word and theres a dragon there to supply t he soul for it. frost breath i remember is the one south of windhelm in the middle of those hot springs. though its not very good, unrelenting force is by far the most useful one of the bunch i mentioned. its crowd control is too valuable to give up for anyhting else.
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