Waking Nightmare glitch

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User Info: shotgunshaun

6 years ago#1
As many may, or may not, know the Waking Nightmare quest is bugged and if you follow Erandur into the temple too quickly, he disappears. I, unfortunately, didn't realize and just left and continued to do other stuff, hence overwriting my AUTOSAVES. My question to the board is this:

1. Is there any other way to fix this bug?
2. Any way to start the quest over?


User Info: PenMarkedHand

6 years ago#2
This happened to me, and it seems i cant do much in dawnstar now, cause everyone complains about nightmares. ;/
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User Info: BigRobb2389

6 years ago#3
i managed to get past this little glitch by walking in the door before him.

User Info: shotgunshaun

6 years ago#4

also, on a 360

User Info: B_D_M

6 years ago#5
bump indeed, would love to know if there's a way around it that doesn't involve reloading a prior save.
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User Info: infinitexx

6 years ago#6
There's some bug info here: http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Waking_Nightmare#Bugs

But I don't know that it'll help you since I assume you've tried fast traveling and moving in and out of the temple a few times.
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User Info: TheHoneyBadger

6 years ago#7
URRRRGGGGH this glitch sucks so bad. Spent like 30 mins looking in every corner of the temple trying to find a switch or anything. I figured that the wall behind the podium has to open somewhere but I guess since I followed the dude in there immediately I missed out. This really sucks. So I guess I cannot do any more missions in Dawnstar until this is fixed. i'm already at level 30 so I am not starting a new game. Playing on 360 BTW.

Anyone else have any luck getting this quest unglitched without starting over or reloading a prior save?
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User Info: astaroth1234

6 years ago#8
Yep happened to me as well......This is major ***!
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