Holy crap! Twin dragon fight?

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  3. Holy crap! Twin dragon fight?

User Info: BossBang

6 years ago#1
I just finished enchanting some items and fast traveled to the Winterhold to head south looking for the shrine of azura.

Then I hear a roar and I smile: I get to test my new weapons on a dragon.

Then i look up and my smile disappears.

TWO blood dragons were flying at me each one spitting fire as they got closer. That sight, seeing TWO huge dragons flying at me.... I crapped a brick.

I'm STILL fighting them now, this fights has taken like 15 minutes straight, they keep working together! One lands and when I go to slash it his brother snipes me with cover fire.

Is this a glitch? Is the game supposed to allow two dragons to spawn at once?
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User Info: lordsmish

6 years ago#2
The dragons can do what they want they have some sort of fake a.i. they can just appear out of nowhere and tear stuff up

User Info: TIGER234

6 years ago#3
That sounds like a fun battle.
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User Info: ST_Sikx

6 years ago#4
Keep following the main quest and you'll eventually get to battle 2 dragons at once.
Sikx VI

User Info: thegrimlegion

6 years ago#5

This happened to me too just a few hours ago so I don't think it was a glitch TC. Kicked their asses with my army of followers and ghosts and whatnot though... even my horse was fighting them lol.

User Info: mastergamerJT

6 years ago#6
I just had that happened to me the other day. Wasn't too bad because the giants helped with one of the dragons, then between me and Lydia, there other went down without too much trouble. I only died twice :)
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User Info: The_Kiriyama

6 years ago#7
Yeah they can spawn more than one dragon at once at random, you know without the main quest, etc. So watch yourself! I wonder if you end up fighting even more than that...? Like would there ever come a point where the game might spawn 3 or more. The horror.
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User Info: mtdewking3

6 years ago#8
i almost had that happen to me as well. I was fighting one in the wild when another one i spotted close by started roaring at me. Luckily the second decided to fly away or i would have been screwed

User Info: Ksetrat

6 years ago#9
same thing happened to me after i completed a side quest where some thugs were preventing a town from using the mine there. fast traveled out of the area to sell loot, realized i forgot to turn in. went back, turned in to hear the roar, and see the two dragons spawn...

one of the townsfolk died in the battle... i wish i had a res button... he was the quest giver. thankfully i did get the turn in though.
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User Info: BossBang

6 years ago#10
It was crazy! It was in winterhold after the town was attacked so there were dead bodies everywhere. I had just improved and enchanted a BEAST elven bow I called Lethality. 12 points of absorb health per shot, with 61 shots before out of charge.

I planted it and 30 elven arrows on a dead body and dual casted a Reanimate Flesh spell. My zombie minion took full aggro and was able to tank thanks to the replenishing health from each shot of the bow. Thanks to all the perks I have in necromancy he was around for forever and was really buff. He practically killed of one the dragons alone!

I put on the amulet of akatosh, my custom made 25% magicka regen ring and my apprentice robes of destruction and sniped the other dragon down with lightning bolts.

They both crashed down next to each other. I sprinted in between them, and channeling a fire cloaking explosion scroll. Slow channel... and BOOM two simultaneous dead dragons for the finish.

The most epic fight I've ever had, period.
"Everybody has an opinion. Just some people try harder to shove it down your throat than others."
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