I found a nonhostile Hagraven named Moira.

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  3. I found a nonhostile Hagraven named Moira.

User Info: TalentedM

6 years ago#11
zero3384 posted...

I didn't get any dialogue with her when I did that quest! Man that sucks, I must have passed a speech check :/

User Info: ss_joey419

6 years ago#12
That's funny. I just met a nonhostile hagraven named Melka that was locked up and asked me to release her so she could get revenge on the person who imprisoned her.

Also got some funny dialogue from her too.
GT: Joey Leen

User Info: snakes_righteye

6 years ago#13
I think the Radiant quest engine will make alot of the quests different for alot of people.
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User Info: ss_joey419

6 years ago#14
Scratch that.

She's ****ing hilarious. I'll feel bad if she betrays me like every other bad guy in a sticky situation. So much so that I'm just going to go ahead and tell everyone how to get to her.

You can find her in an area called Blind Cliff Bastion. The catch is that you have to navigate through some other areas in order to get there. Start at Sky Haven Temple (which is east of Markarth) and go north, north-east a little bit. You should see a mountain symbol on your mini-map. It's a place called Blind Cliff Cave. Navigate through the cave until you get to a door that takes you back outside. Climb up the tower until you reach another door and a gate you can't get past. She should be directly in front of you once you open the next set of doors inside.
GT: Joey Leen

User Info: OhGood

6 years ago#15
I was hoping she was a callback to Moira from fallout 3. The lady who runs the general store in megaton. And if you nuke megaton she turns into a ghoul
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User Info: Neysha16

6 years ago#16
Just found her in Witchmist Grove, but she won't talk to me. Maybe because I already completed the sanguine quest? Ah well, next go around.

User Info: beerglugger

6 years ago#17
PokeLord473 posted...
Wait, that's the b**** that sent mercs to kill me in Riverwood! Wtf did I do to wrong her? I've never even seen a hagraven...

I too have had the 3 hired thugs come after me in Riverwood and the contract was signed Moira. I think I know the reson why. Spoilers below....

I had to kill Anies in the nearby cabin after I broke into her basement and found out she is a witch.
Pics of Moira look like she may too be a witch and perhaps knows I delt with her fellow witch.

User Info: Shadow_Knives

6 years ago#18
I didn't know she was non-hostile. I just stealth killed her. >_>
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  3. I found a nonhostile Hagraven named Moira.

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