Hadvar, or Ralof? Who should i follow?

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User Info: Overlord_Meril

6 years ago#11
Bleakwail posted...
Right, but what about the lategame effects, such as quests/relationships, etc.? -

There aren't any... The only thing this choice affects is whose family you meet and can bum stuff off of. Until you actually officially join the imperials or stormcloaks you are considered a neutral party.

User Info: Arathyrion

6 years ago#12
Hadvar is sexier.

User Info: zerobobo

6 years ago#13
well hadvar was totally cool with you being executed for simply crossing the boarder cus his captain was on the rag or something.
ralof pulls you to safety to that tower.

gee i wonder?

it doesnt really effect anything though. you can still join either faction. it just gives you a better introduction to the faction you run off with first. ive always gone with ralof everytime i start over, cus well it makes more sense lol

User Info: ugogo

6 years ago#14
If I followed Ralof ,will Hadvar die?

User Info: Albedo_Piazolla

6 years ago#15
who ever you follow the other dissapears. I fyou go with Hadvar then he wants you to join the Legion but you can find a Stormcloak camp and they will ask you join the Stormcloaks plus you can stay with his Uncle Alvor but you don't get a key to their place so you may end up locked out.

With Ralof you visit his sister Gerude and her husband Hod and they give you a key to their place and if you want to join the Legion just find a camp or a Imperial guard and they will tell youto join the Legion.

Word of advice either side has it's pros and cons. The Imperials are sneaky and shady doing what it takes to keep the Empire strong in Skyrim.

The Stormcloaks want freedom but hate other races in Skyrim they want a Nord only country

User Info: Mistere Man

Mistere Man
6 years ago#16
If you go with Ralof you get to personally kill that captain that wanted your head for crossing the boarder (how else can I move to Skyrim?), and you can kill the torturer and his helper as well, without having to wait until everyone leaves. His family is also nice enough to give you a key to their home, in which you can take/search most things with no problem if you want.

Hadvar's family is very nice also, but I hate having to kill stormcloaks that are just trying to run for their lives from being killed without a trial. Also you get no key to their home, and everything in their home seems to have the steal icon on it if you highlight it. I am not sure if I can even store anything without being called a thief, as I have been too scared to try.

I like Hadvar's dad better though as her lets you work at the shop, and gives you everything you need to make a Fine Iron Dagger, and Fine Hide Helmet for free, and even teaches you how.

Ralof's uncle(?) seems to get stuck at home, and just tells you to cut wood for him. They won't even pay me for working the mill saw for him, hell that's a lot of wood I should get something for saving you the trouble of lifting that huge log!

I am still not sure who I want to escape with, as I like them both for different reasons, and I hate to think that the other dies because I didn't go with them. I wish I could save both.

User Info: JimDandD

6 years ago#17
If you're having trouble with this decision you're gonna spend a lot of time pondering in this game. But I don't think it has any effect on the game, don't even think anyone from Helgan recognizes you after you leave.
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