Best place to buy iron ingots?

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User Info: ADono4

5 years ago#1
Where do they have the most stock in their inventory at once? I don't care about price, because it's all the same lol :P
i love skyrim jobs.
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User Info: Cubbyfan19876

5 years ago#2
If you make a run in white run hitting the girl outside of the Warmaiden, the shopkeeper of Iron Maiden and then the Smith at the Skyforge out by the Companions you could pull in about 50-70 a time, on top of the ore, which the smelter is around the corner of the Iron Maiden. Along with a skinning rack if you need to turn some leather into straps.

That's where I go for power leveling smithing whenever I get a break in questing.

User Info: Kinslayer2040

5 years ago#3
The girl outside Warmaidens has some. And her husband inside the shop has his own inventory of them.

User Info: thegrinchypoo

5 years ago#4
Heh literally in the last 5 or so minutes i've just did a run and got 141 iron ingots/ores

started @ riverwood, blacksmith at the entrance on your left
then to whiterun, blacksmith immediatly on your right, run upto the skyforge
next was solitude, run towards the bridge, its on your left
straight to windhelm, if you quick travel, run left, first shop in the market on your right
then down to riften, forward into the market, in the back right corner

the thing about this pattern is it takes about 2 days with quick travel meaning that when you go back to riverwood, its all reset and your constantly just buying ore or ingots.
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  3. Best place to buy iron ingots?

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