HELP: Main Quest - Discerning the Transmundane?

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User Info: Collivant

5 years ago#1
Where do I transcribe the Lexicon? I'm in Alftand. Could someone tell me where to go. I went through the Cathedral and now I'm in Blackreach where that guy has his Alchemy lab. My arrow is pointing me outside but it's not there. Where do I go? I'm so lost and frustrated with this.

User Info: GobbieMarauder

5 years ago#2
The far side of Blackreach. Past the simulated sunlight thing. You cross a stone bridge into a door built into the wall.
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User Info: Collivant

5 years ago#3
I'm still really lost. Help please

User Info: higganescence

5 years ago#4
You need to find the, "Tower of Mzark" in Blackreach. It's to the south-west of where you first arrive in Blackreach (The cathedral of something) and if you find a Derelict Pumphouse, it's directly west from there. As GobbieMarauder said, there's a sort of Falmer fort with a big sphere generating artificial sunlight just beside the tower. The tower itself goes from the floor of blackreach and upwards tunneling through the crust. So you should know it when you see it. Hope that helps :|

User Info: Evray

5 years ago#5
Okay, I had a similar problem, the place your in is huge, and its basically just another lift your looking for and there are tons of them.

If you exit the place you originally came out, the way your facing is the direction you should go. Eventually you'll see a big structure with a yellowish orb floating and glowing in the middle of it. Its not magical looking, looks like a giant encased lantern of some sort. Hard to miss.

I'm not sure if its north south or whatever on your map. But for the sake of helping you. Lets just say when you enter the underground of darkreach or w.e is in the north, and you are facing towards the direction of the orb structure, meaning for the sake of explanation, you'd be facing south.

With that in mind, once you reach the orb structure you should head south, it 'should' lead you down some stairs to a stone path, with water right next to it. Across the water is a tall elevator like the others. THAT is the one you want.

If im not correct about it being south then when you reach the structure with the light then look for some stairs that lead down towards a path. It is in the underground, its in a small tower that leads straight up into the rock. Its not any of the big structures. Hope this helps.
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