Lockpicking in this game sucks!

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  3. Lockpicking in this game sucks!

User Info: banone779

6 years ago#1
The lockpicking system in Oblivion was so much better. They need to patch it in this game.
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User Info: Ryureil

6 years ago#2
LOL. I totally disagree.
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User Info: CthulhuDagon

6 years ago#3
How does it suck? I can put on some +lockpicking gear with no perks in it and still open master locks with enough precision and being careful.
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User Info: BobbySpokane

6 years ago#4
TC, do you think it sucks because you're not good at it?

User Info: RatedRCharisma

6 years ago#5
I think it is better than Oblivion. Yes, took time to get used to it but all and all it is pretty damn good.

User Info: Gnomestone

6 years ago#6
It's great I can open master locks with no perks. It's most based on skill.

User Info: lubmelubyou

6 years ago#7
It is the best in this game because if you are good enough you can pick master locks at a low lockpick level. It rewards skill, and if you aren't skilled then you can level up to make it easier or spend perk points.

User Info: MC2011

6 years ago#8
I bet it's either because of...

A) Not as interactive as Oblivion's was...


B) Can't spam X to break lockpicks until I get it.


C) Harder than FO3/NV.
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User Info: banone779

6 years ago#9
In Oblivion you could actually see what you were doing when picking locks and there was more precision to it, picking one tumbler at a time. In Skyrim you're picking the locks blind and the control is very imprecise, you can pretty much move the pick to three spots, left, center, and right, and if you try to turn the lock it instantly breaks your pick. I never spammed X in Oblivion, there was no need because I could pick the locks without much difficulty. I've never played Fallout so I don't know what the lockpicking was like in those games.
Simon Says......Bleed.

User Info: prewittz77

6 years ago#10
Its not that the controls are imprecise.... i think its more the user in this case
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  3. Lockpicking in this game sucks!

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