How to power level Destruction, and why you should consider doing it

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User Info: jmitnick

6 years ago#1
I found destruction to be one of the harder skills to "power level", until I figure out this one. Simply spam high level destruction spells on Shadowmere. Shadowmere has much higher HP and HP regen as compared to other horses, and also he won't get pissed at you or run away. Also despite you casting offensive spells at Shadowmere, the game considers you to be out of combat, so your magicka regen will be massively higher than if you were trying to train this skill on an aggressive enemy.

Anyway, why should you consider "power leveling" destruction? Well, in this game there are really only 4 direct methods of killing stuff. Normal melee fighting, stealth attacks, ranged physical attacks (bows), and destruction magic. (there are indirect methods like companions, summoned elementals, etc, but I'm not covering that)

So, while this game doesn't have levelled enemies as extreme as Oblivion did, there are still leveled enemies. Many of the dungeons scale the enemies to your level when you walk in, for example. If a level 25 character walks into some cave, the enemies there will likely have much higher health, damage, etc. than if a level 5 guy walked in.

Why is this particularly an issue for players intending to use Destruction magic? Simply put, destruction magic does not scale. All other methods of direct damage in this game scale whether it's by putting on stronger and stronger enchants, more efficient and powerful perks, or simply finding newer and better gear.

But with destruction, the Fireball spell is always going to do 40 damage forever, even when you hit level 50. Yes, you can get the 2 perks that increase the damage by 50%, so now it will always just do 60 damage. But there are NO ENCHANTS OR GEAR THAT INCREASE THE DAMAGE OF SPELLS. Everything in this game simply reduces the COST of spells or increases your magicka regen or max magicka. Nothing (aside from alchemy potions) actually increases the damage.

So, what does all this mean? Well, basically, if you can manage to get up to adept or expert level Destruction and get the fireball and incinerate spells (for example) at a low character level, then none of this will matter. The damage of the fireball or incinerate spell is appropriate to enemies that are in the 20s or low 30s. If you opt to level destruction "naturally", you might not even get the incinerate spell until your character is in his late 30s or even later since destruction leveling is pretty slow generally relative to other skills. And so that new incinerate spell simply won't be powerful enough to kill the high level enemies.

TLDR: It's worth it to consider power leveling destruction instead of leveling it normally since destruction magic doesn't scale like all other direct damage in this game, and so it's more important to have a high destruction skill at a lower character level than it is for the other skills
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  3. How to power level Destruction, and why you should consider doing it

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