How do you make dragons land.....

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User Info: lonehunter23

5 years ago#1
Title says it all. It's been an increasing problem lately, they just won't land. I gave up on one and just ran. Later I came across a frost dragon that just stayed up in the air shooting that freeze crap at me, eventually I died.

I've tried using the various shouts I have to bring them down, I make sure I'm in an area that has lots of open area (no trees/rocks).

Beginning to wonder if there is just something I'm missing here.

User Info: Asherlee10

5 years ago#2
Take off all your clothes and do a dragon shout
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User Info: spartansjase

5 years ago#3
Ran into the same thing right around Riften, the dragon just wouldn't land. I just left him be while the guards ran miles away to try and get him...noobs!
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User Info: Mmaguy

5 years ago#4

A dragon lands 3 ways:

1. Randomly. When he feels he wants to land.
2. When he's hurt bad enough from rage attacks he can't fly, you will see him fall to the ground and stay down.
3. There's a shout that forces them to the ground, however I have not found it and I believe (could be wrong) it's part of the main story, and I haven't done much of that so yeah.

User Info: jmitnick

5 years ago#5
Shoot them with a bow, cast a ranged spell at them, summon a flame atronach to shoot fire at them. I think a lot of the times they don't land unless they take some damage. I mean, why should they land if they can just kill you from the air and you refuse to attack them while they're flying?
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  3. How do you make dragons land.....

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