Dwarven Sphere Centurion Arrow

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User Info: Crimson_Corsair

6 years ago#1
I picked a display case in the museum to see what kind of arrow was in there, and that is what it is. But I can't loot it, the steal option is there, but it won't let me actually take it.

Is the game trolling me or is there a way to buy/farm these arrows? They LOOK pretty awesome, and at 20 dmg a pop they seem pretty powerful.
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User Info: Kai_Laguna

6 years ago#2
Every Centurion I've killed have carried ebony when I've killed them.
My guess, either it's for a quest and you can't take it till you are supposed to or, far more likely. Bethesda cut them out and forgot to remove that one completely.

User Info: MyExtraAccount

6 years ago#3
The spheres shoot arrows if you're a certain distance away, so I guess these are the arrows that they shoot. Try heading to one, and try to get it to use it's bow that it has on it, and see if it used this arrow.
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