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broken sword pieces

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User Info: dargondarkfire

6 years ago#1
in one dungeon i found a broken sword so i took it to the sky forge and there was no option to fix it. anyone found it and know how to fix it?

User Info: fallen_one_84

6 years ago#2
where did you find it?
i do know of a quest in windhelm to retrieve a sword for the black smith.
i haven't done it yet so maybe it is that sword.
if you found it near windhelm.
GT: fallen one 84

User Info: dargondarkfire

6 years ago#3
it was in ysgramor's tomb at the foot of the statue.

User Info: Valiendil

6 years ago#4
Broken Iron Sword Handle/Blade, and similar broken weapon bits are listed as junk in the strategy guide, right alongside bowls and plates.

So, in all likelihood, it's completely useless. I thought the same thing when I found that in the tomb...kind of disappointed, really. Would've been neat to reforge it as some kind of epic Sword of the North.

Edit: Upon further inspecting the guide to double check this info, I also came across an item labeled "Ysgramor's Soup Spoon." Make of that what you will.

User Info: dargondarkfire

6 years ago#5
i'm guessing his spoon is not a weapon?

User Info: Fernback

6 years ago#6
The soup spoon is a joke item inside Calixto's Curiosities shop in Windhelm. It resembles a fork and the shopkeeper will talk about it (as well as a few other, ahem, "artifacts") if you decide to take the tour. I did not know his tomb was in the game so definitely a cool find.

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