Black and red set of weapons ?

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User Info: WillAuty

6 years ago#1
On the loading screens when they give you hints about the game, there's occasionally a black weapon set with little bits of red detail on them. I assumed they were dragon weapons, but I'm level 100 smith and noticed i couldn't make any, so what is the set called, and does any one know where to find them ?

User Info: BFMV1

6 years ago#2
On my Phhhoooooonneee.

User Info: cymanx

6 years ago#3
Spoiler alert....

Daedric Armor is the best heavy armor found in TES V:Skyrim (beating Dragonplate armor by a small margin, albeit being heavier too). A list of different types of Daedric armor that can be crafted in Skyrim with their stats and the necessary materials. Ebony Ingots are required and can be made from Ebony Ore. Daedra Hearts are required and can be bought from alchemy stores or found on dead Dremora.

That should help you some, but should you need to know more...
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  3. Black and red set of weapons ?

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