How do I copy the inscription of the Calcemo's Stone

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  3. How do I copy the inscription of the Calcemo's Stone

User Info: xKeisukex

5 years ago#1
It is just telling me that I do not have to right materials
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User Info: haterstotheleft

5 years ago#2
Find the right materials.

User Info: MC2011

5 years ago#3
Turn around and in the last room before the stone should be some charcoal and roll of paper on the table. Grab em.
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User Info: GetsugaTensh0

5 years ago#4
Charcoal and paper
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User Info: menalaos1971

5 years ago#5
Go into the room behind the stone and look around the walls. You'll get the idea. All of the "materials" are in there, too.
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User Info: ShockWav3

5 years ago#6
Paper and charcoal bro! They are on his bedroom table.
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User Info: xKeisukex

5 years ago#7
lmao okay thnx guys I got it
GT- -AzN Shinji

User Info: NietzschesFaith

5 years ago#8
Didn't Dr Jones teach you anything?
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User Info: SSJ_MC

5 years ago#9
You require more vespene gas.
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User Info: jenova

5 years ago#10
I couldn't figure this out for a while. I kept looking for the USB port or optical drive but I guess Calcemo is Amish.

...Then I took an arrow to the knee.

I'm sorry.
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  3. How do I copy the inscription of the Calcemo's Stone

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