C/D: Dr. Gregory House would survive in Skyrim

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User Info: Bartz_Fox

6 years ago#1
Confirm or deny the statement in the topic title. Give reasons if you want.


House would take up residence in the College Of Winterhold, become a master of restoration, and bang Cuddy. After that he'd find a way to prolong his life and become a ball of light like the Augur of Dunlain, except he'd just rag on anyone who asked him about the future.

He'd eventually die of diabeetus.

User Info: crimson_blade_1

6 years ago#2
it be hard to survive a saber cat with a limp let alone a dragon...

User Info: HeavensCloud889

6 years ago#3
Or he'd just be a homeless Skooma bum.
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User Info: Necro_Fear89

6 years ago#4
I picture him being more of an alchemist or epic speechcraft dude, as for Cuddy *sigh* one can dream right?
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User Info: Vamphaery

6 years ago#5

He'd join the Stormcloaks. He'd take every opportunity to insult, belittle, and point out the racism of, Ulfric and his soldiers. But he'd be too good a field medic for them to behead him. Once in a while he'd almost go too far and get threatened with torture, but he'd have some clever form of blackmail or bribery ready to save himself, probably based on dirt he'd reconnoitered on other high ranking Stormcloaks and key sympathizers.

He would particularly enjoy pointing out to people that their political ideologies and motivations were born of nothing more important or meaningful than biases formed through cognitive dissonance rooted in early childhood due to simple pleasure seeking urges.

Eventually, his cynical worldview would be challenged by discovering that in Tamriel, deities actually exist... really. For real. He would then cope with the mental anguish brought about by this by figuring out how to synthesize something akin to vicodin from frost salts, moon sugar, and the tiniest, most diluted particles of nightshade.

In his state of highness, he would transcend Nirn and enter Sheogorath's realm, there to forever dwell... driving crazy people... well... crazier.

The End.
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User Info: DropDeadFred_

6 years ago#6
Yeah i've already envisioned this in my head. Dr. House did fine... until he took an arrow to the knee.
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User Info: Predatorian234

6 years ago#7
Confirm. Because he is freaking Gregory House.
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