Unenchanted robes?

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User Info: capnovan

6 years ago#11
Teabag_11 posted...
While I'm at it I guess I should ask, do hooded green, red, and grey robes even exist in game? Guide says theyre there but I've never seen them.

Yes, according to this: http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Clothing

Hooded Black Robes
Hooded Blue Robes
Hooded Brown Robes
Hooded Green Robes
Hooded Grey Robes
Hooded Monk Robes
Hooded Red Robes
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User Info: wereninjah

6 years ago#12
I've found plenty. Try the general store vendors in each town (like Belethor's), as they tend to stock random clothing like robes. I think I've found some in mage/vampire dungeons. Also try the mage college, as there may be some lying around there. Good luck.

User Info: Kupolicious1216

6 years ago#13
Mantled College Robes
Red Robes
Embellished Robes

Those sound interesting... I wonder where I can find some, not sure what they look like.
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User Info: Teabag_11

6 years ago#14
I'm just going around slaying anyone wearing robes and checking to see if they're magical. I'm not above murder.
Deez Nuts
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User Info: Teabag_11

6 years ago#15
Desperation bump
Deez Nuts
"I believe it was Socrates who once stated: 'Blessed are the tea-baggers, for they are truly pwning.'"

User Info: Vanilla_Funk

6 years ago#16
neorhetoric posted...
Personally, I'm looking for un-enchanted Thalmor Robes. Let's throw that into the mix while we're at it. ;)

Ill bump for this.

Unenchanted would be awesome.

Unenchanted non hooded would be AWESOME.
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User Info: Blood_Redd

6 years ago#17
Grelka in Riften has an unenchanted black robe for sale
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User Info: devak108

6 years ago#18
Kupolicious1216 posted...
Bump. I had sex with my wife's wife.

Bump cuz this guy's the man.

User Info: djtlite138

6 years ago#19
I want just the thalmor hood. Not the hooded robes but a separate hood to make my ezio rp complete.

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