Enthir- How to get him to sell you black market items (Daedra Hearts) SOLVED!

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  3. Enthir- How to get him to sell you black market items (Daedra Hearts) SOLVED!

User Info: bluekisses07

5 years ago#1
After searching numerous boards for the answer on this i came across a few people who mention the following things. Also these answers i searched for were very vague.

1. A special dialogue must activated i.e.
"I heard you are a elf who know how to get things done."
-I was never able to have this option when speaking to him.

2. You must complete "Onmund's Request" quest
- I did complete this quest but instead of getting the staff for Enthir, i just persuade him to give Onmund's amulet back. Which result of still not having the option to but from Enthir. Still not 100% sure if this quest plays a factor with Enthir.

3. Enthir only sells to you at night in his room
-This fact is correct IF YOU MET THE PERQUISITE of completing the Thieves Guld Quests.

4. You must complete all or some thieves Guild Quest.
- At first i did not how many, I simply read that you just complete some but here's what you need to know.

This is the Thieves Guild Quest list in Order to leading up to the quest that allows you to buy from Enthir.

1. A Chance Arrangement------------Meet a guy named Brynjolf in Riften
2. Taking Care of Business
3. Loud and Clear
4. Dampened Spirits
5. Scoundrel's Folly
6. Speaking With Silence
7. Hard Answers --------------------------After this quest you WiLL be able to buy from Enthir!

Sorry for a long description but after some vague answers, I just wanted to be direct as possible.

User Info: OfficeChair

5 years ago#2
?? ive never had any trouble getting him to sell to me on a new character that has ran straight to winterhold.. certainly doesn't seem like he has this many (strange) conditions
Nothing shall forestall my return. Even if the morrow is barren of promises.

User Info: cjjohnston

5 years ago#3
You: "I hear you can get things" or something
Enthir: "SHH SHH keep it down. Depends. Do you have the gold?" or something
You: "Depends. What do you got?" or something
Enthir: "Well lets see here." or something

*shop opens*

User Info: Chaos_Evolved

5 years ago#4
TC i think you are creating a problem then trying to solve it

User Info: bluekisses07

5 years ago#5
Well I have no clue how you were able to do that but myself and many others were not able for the life of them to figure out why Enthir wouldn't give us the option to buy from him and the answer i did find were extremely vague thus, not being very helpful at all. Leaving me with alot of guessing work.

I thought i should share my discovery to help others in my same situation.

User Info: AntwanHaze420

5 years ago#6
i've been trying to figure this out. he keeps saying he has stuff for sale until i enter dialogue with him. then i have no options to get him to sell me stuff. will try this when i get home.
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  3. Enthir- How to get him to sell you black market items (Daedra Hearts) SOLVED!

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