Invisible treasure chest in Dawnstar with awesome respawning loot

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  3. Invisible treasure chest in Dawnstar with awesome respawning loot

User Info: Frostforest

5 years ago#231
Very interesting! While my lvl 30 character didn't quite find the greatest loot in it, but as said, some very helpful stuff, great find.

I wonder now if there aren't more of these hidden around, as a little trick the developers used to test/demo characters, hidden chests to give almost the entire variety of items...there is at least one type of any of the items in the game in that chest. I would bet there are more of these inside/right outside of towns.

User Info: ROMKratos

5 years ago#232
If I don't take all of the loot in it, does it still respawn?
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User Info: Majik25

5 years ago#233
Tagged for later viewing, hopefully this is still around when I get the game at Christmas.

User Info: JayAreVee

5 years ago#234
Very interesting discovery. (Tag)
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User Info: KalilWyrmslayer

5 years ago#235
I didn't read all the pages, but when I get home I will take a picture of it.

User Info: TheTroof

5 years ago#236

Just tried it out and it is legit. Noticed the stuff in it was the exact same items that the Khajiit merchant right outside of Dawnstar was selling. To test it, I emptied out the chest and then went back to the Khajiit merchant and sold my legendary Daedric sword. Went back to chest and lo and behold it was in there.

User Info: Buffaloaded

5 years ago#237
Can't find it... :( Did you guys DL the patch?
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User Info: hinducow

5 years ago#238
Hey, TC, thanks a million, dood!

User Info: Kazgotflred

5 years ago#239
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User Info: Roook35

5 years ago#240
hmmm I found a hidden chest under a waterfall once with some stuff in it. Or rather it was 'inside a rock' but when crouching somehow I saw it and was able to get stuff out.

Wonder if it's also one of these invisible shop chests
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  3. Invisible treasure chest in Dawnstar with awesome respawning loot

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