A bit about followers and their stats, skills and gear enhancements:

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  3. A bit about followers and their stats, skills and gear enhancements:

User Info: jamers

6 years ago#1

Bethesda kinda dropped the ball on this one by making a few pieces of the game's mechanics here terribly murky.

Which armor enhancements affect followers and which have no effect? I've read that things like "Increases Health by x amount" do have an effect, and that things like Fortify Carry Weight and "Spells from x school of magic cost y% less to cast" have none at all. There really should be some definitive list of these things.

Secondly, I'm reading (http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Followers) that each follower has certain "tag" skills that they prefer to use, as in Fallout 3 (although the lack of a dialogue option that would reveal these is a glaring oversight in my opinion). Question is, how do these skills affect their numbers within the game's mechanics? i.e. Onmund is apparently skilled in Heavy Armor. If I give the mage Illia Daedric armor, she'll wear it, as the game decides that it's better than her default gear. So if I were to give the same Daedric set to Onmund, would he benefit from an increased Damage Threshold stat, because he has Heavy Armor as a "tagged" skill, or would it make no difference at all?

It says that many of these followers are skilled in Conjuration, though I've never experienced a follower summoning, raising or soul trapping anything. What gives?

I know also that followers' stats scale with the player's level ONLY when he/she first enter's that follower's "zone" (therefore Lydia is likely to have crap stats than later followers for the rest of the game, because she shows up early). There's a way to fix this on the PC version using the console (see above link), but XBOX players seem to be out of luck and stuck with stunted followers. Anyone know if this has been addressed in the recent patch?

Thanks for reading and for any input.

User Info: jamers

6 years ago#2


User Info: Terantatek

6 years ago#3
Eola is a Nightblade who summons fire atronachs and raises dead. I used her for awhile.
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User Info: dragonarigirl

6 years ago#4
If you give your follower a stave they'll use it. I've had Lydia rise dead and use fireball, but they're usage does deplete the charge. Taking it from them and recharging it isn't a big deal though.
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User Info: jamers

6 years ago#5

Thanks. Didn't know about the summoning; good to know.

I often do give over staves to be used, but I'm wondering about the skills and how they work. Also, which item enhancements have some effect on them. I'm pretty certain my Fortify Heavy Armor gear is doing nothing for my warrior follower.

User Info: jamers

6 years ago#6


User Info: jamers

6 years ago#7


(message deleted)

User Info: Zeille

6 years ago#9
Fortify Carry weight does not work properly for followers on the PS3 version. For the PC version it works just fine. No idea about the Xbox version.

This is why sometimes you hear it both is and isn't working from different people.

User Info: Black_Crusher

6 years ago#10
What about fortify stamina? I gave Lydia a 30 pt stamina ring to help with her heavy armor and shields and etc but if it doesn't do anything I'll give her something else.
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  3. A bit about followers and their stats, skills and gear enhancements:

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