Unkillable NPCs

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User Info: The_404s

5 years ago#1
Fallout: New Vegas and Morrowind really handed the killing of NPCs better than Skyrim. If you decided to attack and kill and NPC, they died, no questions ask, none of this taking a knee until you're all better nonsense.

I hate that they brought unkillable NPCs back. Maybe for a very select few, like the two main Blades members and the Greybeards, but they've given unkillable status out like it was in clearance. It's especially annoying since I completed the civil war quest line, and every time I go to clear out an enemy camp there is always a single unkillable officer. The war is over, I should be able to kill these people no problem, but for some unknown reason I can kill everyone in that camp (And I do) except for the commanding officer. Outstanding work Bethesda.

User Info: ilikewafflez

5 years ago#2
I agree, I should definitely have the option of killing ANY AND ALL non main quest line characters. I truly don't care if I lose a quest, I can either reload, or live with my decision, if I were allowed to make said decision.

User Info: Astrapsody

5 years ago#3

It's just necessary. What if an important character died in battle (not from you), and you were unable to continue the main quest because of it? It would suck.

User Info: ilikewafflez

5 years ago#4
Why is it necessary for me to not be able to kill a non essential NPC?

User Info: MrKinkyElbows

5 years ago#5
I just wish there was an option to turn it on or whatever. Or make it so that important quest people can only die from your actions, not the actions of random NPCs/creatures.

For instance in Morrowind if you killed an important character there would be a popup in the bottom of the screen warning you that quests may be affected by the death of that certain character. That would work fine with me in this game as well.
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User Info: MetlGearPIkachu

5 years ago#6

From: Astrapsody | #003
It's just necessary. What if an important character died in battle (not from you), and you were unable to continue the main quest because of it? It would suck.

Followers only die from your hand otherwise they get back up.

The system's in the game its not like its impossible to implement, but I agree TC the amount of Essentials in this game is ridiculous. Some don't even make sense. The racist bum in Windhelm? Oh he's immortal. What?
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User Info: CrimsonAngel

5 years ago#7
The only essentially NPCs should be the ones required for the main plot.
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