Underwater breathing - is there any amulet or accessory in Skyrim?

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  3. Underwater breathing - is there any amulet or accessory in Skyrim?

User Info: Misterdizz

5 years ago#1
Other than the one Deadric mask, that is (one of them grants you water breathing but I hate wearing it) ? In Oblivion, you could buy or acquire some form of jewelry that bestowed the water breathing ability. I've continued to look in Skyrim, but have yet to find one or learn how to craft one. Anyone know?
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User Info: tistrue

5 years ago#2
You definitely can get one. I've picked up an amulet in my travels but hell if I can remember from where, sorry.

User Info: TheGreenBeast

5 years ago#3
There is a spell you can purchase & there are amulets scattered across Skyrim.

The spell I think you can purchase from somebody in the College of Winterhold.
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User Info: Misterdizz

5 years ago#4
Hard to believe I missed it after over 200 hours of exploration, but I'll keep searching.
"Old, but still game!"

User Info: Black_Crusher

5 years ago#5
I just got that mask, I think it's pretty awesome actually. It has water breathing, 20% better prices, and +20 carry weight. The Volkun mask I think it's called.

But other than that and waterbreathing on other helmets in the shop (but rarely, in my experience) I've never seen it on an amulet yet. I don't think you can enchant an amulet with waterbreathing either, so maybe it's not possible in this game.
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User Info: sythe343

5 years ago#6
I got a steel helm with Water Breathing on it. It seems like more in this game is up to pure chance.

I've noticed more random loot in this game than the others.
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User Info: Misterdizz

5 years ago#7
Not interested in a spell; that, I have. I want a permanent amulet or other form of apparel, if it exists.
"Old, but still game!"

User Info: Blitzkrieg182

5 years ago#8
dont feel bad, im in for 160 and i havent come across anything for fortify enchantment

User Info: Keirshowers

5 years ago#9
I found a leather helmet with water breathing on it in some random loot as I was just exploring. Disenchanted and made a ring with it.

I went back there on a another character and found a completely different item. Loot is random like that I guess. Just like how I can never find an item with soul steal on it, unless it is on a character that I dont need it on.
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User Info: pecofan999

5 years ago#10
I've found it enchanted on random loot from time to time. Seems like you just have to keep your fingers crossed.

... Or go Argonian next time?
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  3. Underwater breathing - is there any amulet or accessory in Skyrim?

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