Female Dark Elves that you can marry

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  3. Female Dark Elves that you can marry

User Info: GodSpark127

5 years ago#1
Who are they and where are they? I wish you could marry Nivenor, but alas, she is already taken. Oh, and try to keep it spoiler free please. Thanks guys.
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User Info: the_reaper849

5 years ago#2
the mercenary at the drunken huntsmen if im not mistaken. all you gotta do is hire her to open the marriage dialogue
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User Info: GruntBday567

5 years ago#3
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User Info: Mr_Lingerie

5 years ago#4
I wish I could marry Karliah.
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User Info: Athla

5 years ago#5
theirs a dark elf apprentice at the college in winterhold you can marry.
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User Info: VasDeferens

5 years ago#6
Right, she's a Telvanni too, my favorite of the Morrowind houses .
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User Info: b4k3d

5 years ago#7
Too bad they're all unattractive. Karliah would be okay and so would the Winterhold Apprentice if I could get that damn hood off of her.
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  3. Female Dark Elves that you can marry

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