So I went against my "no companions" rule and recruited J'Zargo

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  3. So I went against my "no companions" rule and recruited J'Zargo

User Info: merqabah

6 years ago#11
well a giant killed lydia in my game.

User Info: jna31415

6 years ago#12
I could never bring him along, as I went to Winterhold far too early. His stats are probably locked at level 5 in my game.

I tried taking the Dunmer mage girl with me, and she was slaughtered by one of Whiterun's guards while wearing full Dragonplate. That's pretty sad. If I ever want someone to follow me around, I need to find someone good.
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User Info: FatalX7

6 years ago#13

Most of all, though, I've had followers die in freakin Falmer swarms.

Watched Lydia sit on a fire trap and not die though, which is either a glitch, or most likely the fire didn't deal damage fast enough to counter her regeneration.


Lydia died 7 times in Liar's Retreat.

User Info: DebaserZero

6 years ago#14
Some companions can't die at all, such as Derkeethus and Aela the Huntress. They are flagged because they either give quests or are part of some kind of quest.

Housecarls, such as Lydia, can and will die. Be it from your hand or the enemies hand.

User Info: ramsfan83

6 years ago#15
Early on in my game Lydia got smacked by a giant and fell to the ground dead. Not sure if it was a glitch or what, but she died and I never touched her. Just wanted to see how tough the giants were the first time I saw one, sent her in, didn't go well, I ran away. J'Zargo is awesome btw, he's my favorite so far. Shady dude cracks me up.
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User Info: WhoIzThatKid

6 years ago#16
sorry to hear that bro

the orc chick never dies, try her

User Info: Shell76

6 years ago#17
Faendal is pretty immortal. I've had him for 70-80 hours and he's still kicking. He's really weak and only useful as a distraction for enemies. Once he goes "down but not out", enemies leave him alone. He's been clubbed into the sky by giants at least 10 times. I've left him to his own devices when I've wanted to scale steep mountains, but he always come back. He's only died 2-3 times, once was my fault and the other two were due to traps.

That sucks about J'Zargo, though. I want to recruit him once I get to whatever city he's in, Windhelm or Winterhold. I don't think I've founded either city yet, so I hope he can match my Lv. 51 better than Faendal, who has to be a Lv. 5 or less.
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User Info: TheBeastWithin

6 years ago#18
Falmer are real follower killers. When a follower has basically no HP left it will go down. Enemies will no longer attack, but they can still die. AoE spells, traps, and poisons can all kill them. Chaurus poisons constantly take them out.
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User Info: mmmGadgets

6 years ago#19
Follow the Mage's Guild quest line and you find out Z'Jargo is a cocky-smart-mouth-apprentice-mage who ain't ****.

/I'm a dog lover.

**Semi Spoiler**

Here's a better idea, get drunk with Sam and you'll get his "staff". That staff can summon a certain strong character for 60 seconds. Much better than having a redundant follower who dies on you. Followers die and when they do, good luck looting their body for all your goods because really they are just a chest-on-legs rather than a true companion. It's like false hope bring one of those leather armor wearing re-Todd with you everywhere, standing in doorways and such. I wanted to just kill them half the time. Oh and Lydia, don't get me started on her whining voice every time you want to change a few items with her.

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  3. So I went against my "no companions" rule and recruited J'Zargo

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