How to make specific potions?

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User Info: Snow_Crash_

5 years ago#1
How do I make a "Potion of Healing" as opposed to a "Potion of Minor Healing". None of the Alchemy guides seem to go into that, they all just list ingredients and their effects. Are certain ingredients stronger than others, resulting in better potions, or do you have to use more ingredients? Or does it have something to do with your Alchemy perks?
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User Info: MRevelle83

5 years ago#2
Higher level, more ingredients (sometimes it doesn't make a difference, but not all the time), perks will help.

Also, wearing equipment that boosts Alchemy % will make your potions stronger.

User Info: nm15

5 years ago#3

Skill up and perk up Alchemy

User Info: Gray_wolf1119

5 years ago#4
You dont. You just make a healing potion. You have to skill and perk up alchemy for better results.

If you want to make money create potions that have multiple effects good or bad.
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User Info: Shifty41

5 years ago#5
You don't craft "Potion of Healing". You craft "Potion of Restore Health". Strength is determined by your Alchemy level, perks, and any Fortify Alchemy gear equipped.
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  3. How to make specific potions?

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