How do I break out of Cidhna Mine?

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  3. How do I break out of Cidhna Mine?

User Info: ShadowBoyZX

5 years ago#1
I don't wanna do the time man! I went on a killing spree and finally got caught, on extremley low health and had no choice. Now I'm in jail and trying to figure out a way out. I just traded some weed.....I mean skooma for a shiv so I feel like that was the first step. I've got a lockpick too so what's next?

User Info: ShadowBoyZX

5 years ago#2
Bump. This topic moves crazy fast.

User Info: youshallbeasgod

5 years ago#3
Brawl the orc

User Info: tlemast3

5 years ago#4
I just turned into a werewolf and killed everybody, then took the key off of the Forsworn leader.

User Info: ShadowBoyZX

5 years ago#5
Brawl the orc or kill him? I'm a werewolf so I could just kill them all but I was thinking I had to be stealthy lol.

User Info: TheSocialBunny

5 years ago#6
Was just trying that today and I couldn't get out of Cidhna Mine the "normal" way (That is to say, if you were thrown into jail for actually commiting crimes, as opposed to a particular part in the story involving the Forsworn).

Supposedly, you're suppose to dig up silver instead of just rot in a cell, but I dug up all the veins and just got stuck after that (Apparently, you have to manually dig up the ore via the automatic action, as oppose to just attack the bejesus out of it otherwise it glitches so that you will never escape). In theory though, you should be able to get out if you dig up all the veins... if it was part of the story though, that's a completely different scenario which the above posters have covered.

User Info: ShadowBoyZX

5 years ago#7
Nah. It was'nt part of the story, I just got arrested for being a psycho. I wanted to break out so I would'nt waste any days but if that's the only way.....

User Info: Shell76

5 years ago#8
Trying to remember what I did..... I think my Speech skill was high enough to sweet-talk the Orc into getting through the door. I still got the skooma for the one prisoner who wanted it and he gave me a Shiv in return. I talked to the main guy sitting at the desk (he has an "M" name). He asked that I kill a certain prisoner with my Shiv, so I did that. I went back to the M-guy and he initiated the escape sequence through the secret tunnel.
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User Info: Nicodaemos

5 years ago#9
No one escapes Cidhna Mine.
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User Info: ShadowBoyZX

5 years ago#10
I killed them all but could'nt find anyway to escape so I just mined the ore till I was let out. By killing them all doesn't that mean I can never do the quest involving that place?
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  3. How do I break out of Cidhna Mine?

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