Skyrim's Great Fashionista's Guide [V1.0] (Spoilers)

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    A catalogue of all uncommon, rare and unique clothes (bar Daedric(*) and Dragon priest masks, too much about them has been written already) and a few frequently unmentioned weapons for PS3, XBOX360 and PC. Here we catalogue relevant equipment and how to find them.
    Few things to note before we start:

    A) Pickpocketable almost always means that you need Misdirection (for weapons) and Perfect Touch (for clothing/armour) to get, requiring 70 and 100 pickpocket respectively.
    B) Essential NPC's clothes can't be pickpocketed. You have to wait till the NPC loses its 'essential' status in order to pickpocket their clothes. This usually only happens when you get a quest asking you to kill them.
    C) Weapons, however, can always be pickpocketed (with the perk) even from essential NPC's.
    D) If relevant, extra info on the item will be posted.
    E) All items branded 'Clothing', 'Fine clothes', 'Shoes', 'Boots', 'Gloves', 'Hat' or tunics of any kind will not be added to this guide, unless they're unique. They can be found on most NPC's within Skyrim, and can be bought from Radiant Raiment in Solitude if you want them.
    F) Craftable armor and weapons will not be mentioned, unless you need a specific requirement to make them.
    G) If one method of obtaining is significantly easier than another, I will omit the alternative method.
    H) I will not mention "unique" items which are basically a renamed standard item with non-unique enchantment (eg: Muiri's Ring, Savos Aren's Amulet)
    I) I will not mention quest items which shouldn't be kept, even if you can technically keep it through a bug/glitch (eg: Jagged Crown)

    (*) Two notes:
    - You can get both Ring of Hircine and Savior's Hide [Ill Met by Moonnight]. Do this by helping Sinding kill the hunters, when he thanks you for helping him, kill him. Hircine should appear in Spectral form (Sinding), don't talk to him but leave the area, you'll see another spectre of Hircine (Elk), talk to him and get your Ring, then go back inside and talk to the Sinding spectre and get the Hide.
    - You can get two copies of Dawnbreaker [The Break of Dawn] by using the Master-Destruction spell Firestorm on the stand with Dawnbreaker at the end, it will send a copy flying. Pick it up, then return to Dawnbreaker in the stand. If you retrieve Dawnbreaker from its original location, the quest will end and you will be transported, so pick the copy on the floor first.

    To start of, a legend:

    - [PP]/[LO]/[F]: Pickpocket, Loot-only or Found (can also mean bought). Loot-only, in this case, means killing. Found means as a reward from a quest in chest or on ground. If you're expected to kill the NPC, I'll mark it [LO] even if you can technically pickpocket it.
    - [I]/[LM]/[U]: Infinite amounts of said item can be gotten / Limited number of the item can be gotten / Unique


    * Blade of Woe [F/PP/LO][LM]
    > Astrid [With Friends Like These...]
    > Astrid {Pine Forest Sanctuary} (Pickpocketable)
    > Astrid {Pine Forest Sanctuary} [Death Incarnate]
    ~You can get two by pickpocketing her any time in between [With Friends like These] and [Death Incarnate] then get another in [Death Incarnate].~

    * Chillrend [F][U][LEVELED]
    > {Riftweald Manor - Riften} [The Pursuit]

    * Headsman's Axe [PP][U]
    > Ahtar {Castle Dour Dungeon - Solitude}

    * Lunar Weapons [F][I][LEVELED]
    > {Silent Moons Camp} (Craftable)

    * Nightingale Blade [F][U][LEVELED]
    > {The Frozen Hearth} [Hard Answers]

    * Nightingale Bow [F][U][LEVELED]
    > Karliah {Skyrim} [Blindsighted]

    * Scimitar [LO][LM]
    > Bandit {Dainty Sload - Deck}
    > Nazir {Pine Forest Sanctuary or Dawnstar Sanctuary}

    * Shiv [F/LO][LM]
    > Grisvar the Unlucky {Cidhna Mine} [No one Escapes Cidhna Mine]

    * Steel Battleaxe of Fiery Souls [F][U]
    > {Ironbind Barrow}
    ~Unique enchantment.~