Skyrim's Great Fashionista's Guide [V1.0] (Spoilers)

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User Info: Tiruas

5 years ago#61
TheFifthPerson posted...
From: Tiruas (25) | #058
devak108 posted...
From: ST_Sikx | #054
Amazing how this gets stickied.
Yeah, no offense at all but seriously, this is the first and only sticky?

^ This & then some.

Again, this is the 4th sticky...

That's funny, I've been checking this board since before release date, I've never seen a sticky on here before. It is clearly the only one RIGHT NOW.

Whether this is the 1st or 99999999th, doesn't change the fact that of all the threads I've seen that were sticky worthy, this aint it.

It's not even a FAQ most new players would want to check out. Even if a FAQ belonged on the boards, which I'm of the opinion that they don't belong.

And lastly, sorry I don't have your overwhelming & vast knowledge of this board.... I bow before your obvious magnificence.
This board b****es about EVERYTHING holy s***. wah i dont want to use this but it got stickied. wah this info is somewhere else. WAH WAH WAH. This obviously took a lot of work and some people find it useful. If one person finds this useful then it's a good thing it was stickied.
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User Info: Tiruas

5 years ago#63
^ Doesn't change the fact that this thread isn't sticky worthy.

If it's going to be stickied, it should at the least address normal FAQ. It should answer the commonly asked questions that flood the board daily.

This thread doesn't do that & if it's going to be the only stickied thread, it's a joke.

User Info: Charocks

5 years ago#64
Schims and Redguard gear can be obtained in My Time of Neef
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User Info: Lurker207

5 years ago#65
I thank you for this, very helpful.
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User Info: RebelElite791

5 years ago#66
BlackSwordChris posted...
I think this is the first topic where I requested a sticky and came back the next day to find it stickied.

First and only topic where I've requested an unsticky.
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User Info: masterpug53

5 years ago#67
This is a fantastic topic. One of these days I plan to actually make it far enough through the game so that I can read it all without it spoiling anything.
Simple questions deserve long-winded answers that no one will bother to read.
Unknwnwrrior posted...
A catalogue of all uncommon, rare and unique clothes (bar Daedric(*) and Dragon priest masks, too much about them has been written already) and a few frequently unmentioFFUUUUDDGGGCK
D) If relevant, extra info on the item will be posted.
(*) Two notes:
- You can get both Ring of Hircine and Savior's Hide [Ill Met by Moonnight]. Do this by helping Sinding kill the hunters, when he thanks you for helping him, kill him. Hircine should appear in Spectral form (Sinding), don't talk to him but leave the area, you'll see another spectre of Hircine (Elk), talk to him and get your Ring, then go back inside and talk to the Sinding spectre and get the Hide.
- You can get two copies of Dawnbreaker [The Break of Dawn] by using the Master-Destruction spell Firestorm on the stand with Dawnbreaker at the end, it will send a copy flying. Pick it up, then return to Dawnbreaker in the stand. If you retrieve Dawnbreaker from its original location, the quest will end and you will be transported, so pick the copy on the floor first.

To start of, a legend:

- [PP]/[LO]/[F]: Pickpocket, Loot-only or Found (can also mean bought). Loot-only, in this case, means killing. Found means as a reward from a quest in chest or on ground. If you're expected to kill the NPC, I'll mark it [LO] even if you can technically pickpocket it.
- [I]/[LM]/[U]: Infinite amounts of said item can be gotten / Limited number of the item can be gotten / Unique


* Blade of Woe [F/PP/LO][LM]
> Astrid [With Friends Like These...]
> Astrid {Pine Forest Sanctuary} (Pickpocketable)
> Astrid {Pine Forest Sanctuary} [Death Incarnate]
~You can get two by pickpocketing her any time in between [With Friends like These] and [Death Incarnate] then get another in [Death Incarnate].~

* Chillrend [F][U][LEVELED]
> {Riftweald Manor - Riften} [The Pursuit]

* Headsman's Axe [PP][U]
> Ahtar {Castle Dour Dungeon - Solitude}

* Lunar Weapons [F][I][LEVELED]
> {Silent Moons Camp} (Craftable)

* Nightingale Blade [F][U][LEVELED]
> {The Frozen Hearth} [Hard Answers]

* Nightingale Bow [F][U][LEVELED]
> Karliah {Skyrim} [Blindsighted]

* Scimitar [LO][LM]
> Bandit {Dainty Sload - Deck}
> Nazir {Pine Forest Sanctuary or Dawnstar Sanctuary}

* Shiv [F/LO][LM]
> Grisvar the Unlucky {Cidhna Mine} [No one Escapes Cidhna Mine]

* Steel Battleaxe of Fiery Souls [F][U]
> {Ironbind Barrow}
~Unique enchantment.~
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User Info: Skeuomorph

5 years ago#70
Missing Drainspell Bow, Drainheart Swords, etc. Spectral looking weapons, ultralight, that drain Magicka, Health, or Stamina.
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