Skyrim's Great Fashionista's Guide [V1.0] (Spoilers)

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User Info: TheFifthPerson

5 years ago#71
Tiruas posted...
TheFifthPerson posted...
From: Tiruas (25) | #058
devak108 posted...
From: ST_Sikx | #054
Amazing how this gets stickied.
Yeah, no offense at all but seriously, this is the first and only sticky?

^ This & then some.

Again, this is the 4th sticky...

And lastly, sorry I don't have your overwhelming & vast knowledge of this board.... I bow before your obvious magnificence.

That's alright, you made a mistake and I corrected it. Not really a big deal. It's just that if you had looked above your post you'd see why.

Also, FAQs do and have always had a place on the message boards. Especially if the sticky addresses issues that multiple people experience and make topics about.

And if you don't like the sticky just request its removal. There really is no need to come in here and start moaning about it. TC has obviously put a lot of work into the sticky for everyone else's benefit.
(edited 5 years ago)

User Info: hellslinger

5 years ago#72

From: lenmutt | #043
Shifty41 posted...
Tavern Clothing can be found in a Falmer dungeon (can't remember name) behind a bar in first main room.

May not apply to this list but Necklace of Poison Resistance/Immunity is extremely rare. It has not turned up on vendor inventory at all in 200 hours of searching (and believe me I have searched). May have been left off loot tables inadvertently. So may be LO.

Yea its called Liars retreat, its located in the reach just north of some redoubt place.

Low level players can just run in and behind the bar will a dead woman wearing them with the matching boots.

The falmer should be too busy killing bandits to notice you

It was odd people kept saying this but when I went in there the bandits were all dead and a group of Falmer just swarmed me and killed me, my frost summon and my companion in seconds.

User Info: lostlibrarian

5 years ago#73
Request sticky removal

User Info: skyrim1991

5 years ago#74
lostlibrarian posted...
Request sticky removal

I 2nd this

stop posting this stupid thing. We play the game to we know what the clothe are...We know pickpocketing perks....Dee DAH DEE

User Info: BigFatBob08

5 years ago#75
Coherent sentence structure escaped you, though, and you've been at that for years. Seriously, though, this list is nice. Instead of having to pickpocket every freakin' NPC ever to see if they have unique gear, there's an almost all-inclusive, well-put-together list I can use as reference. Seems a worthy sticky to me. *shrug*

User Info: tonyranger007

5 years ago#76
skyrim1991 posted...
We play the game to we know what the clothe are... "to we know"? Seriously, what are you talking about?
Do you mean "so we know"?
Well if you do then thanks for speaking for everybody and saying we all know what you know about the game. I like the sticky as, (and I profusely apologize) I don't know all that and seeing it in a list is convenient.
+1 sticky

User Info: yedi

5 years ago#77
Wow, this board really is terrible... Someone post something useful and helpful and people cut him down for it. Just wow...

I'm grateful the TC went to the trouble, as I didn't know most of this info, and I've now got about 5 things I know I want to hunt down.

This isn't the first sticky, anyone who claims this clearly hasn't been to the boards any time between January 2010 and the games launch, because there was a sticky on the board the WHOLE TIME that was updated and re-stickied after every major demo event and round of hands on previews went to print.

I know it's likely just the Christmas rush of CoD kids who got this as a gift, and they'll likely leave as soon as their ADD kicks in, but it's still disheartening to see.
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User Info: Jared781

5 years ago#79

How is this topic always at the top? LIKE who cares if you RE wrote everything in the game!!.... clothing that is!

User Info: Unknwnwrrior

5 years ago#80
Good news everyone (that's looking for Stormcloak Officer Armor)!

If you want a set of Stormcloak Officer Armor without taking a side in the war, you can.
Captain Valmir outside Forelhost will be wearing an officer set of whatever side you are currently allied most closely with.

He'll be wearing Stormcloak Officer outfit when you meet him if you are sided with the Stormcloaks. Either by war or simply by following Ralof at the start of the game.
He will be wearing Imperial Light outfit if you sided with the Imperials or followed Hadvar at the start of the game.

He will give you a quest to go through Forelhost. Once you have and come out, his outfits will have swapped sides.

However, he is at no point an 'essential' NPC and so you can pickpocket or kill him at any stage you'd prefer. Allowing you to get a Stormcloak officer set before doing the quest if you sided with Ralof at Helgen or after the quest if you sided with Hadvar.
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