How the hell do I kill Alduin? (SPOILERS)

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  3. How the hell do I kill Alduin? (SPOILERS)

User Info: mab2815

5 years ago#1
I am level 45 and them fire balls are deadly and his breath is nasty. I die, i die. How do i kill him?
Whats the best way to take him down?
Send him straight oblivion.
Power the base cannon.
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User Info: th3warr1or

5 years ago#2
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User Info: mab2815

5 years ago#3
Use it so he lands, when he lands i get effed in the aeh.
XBL Gamertag: Deadly Dumper

User Info: Xero_SeeD

5 years ago#4
Spell Breaker is a god send. You should definitely have that.

Also, how are you getting killed by this man? The people that fight him with you are strong enough to take him down by themselves.
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User Info: helghastbane

5 years ago#5

Major spoilers!!!!









I couldnt kell him one time it turned out to be that i needed a blessing from the blades guy i forget his name.Alduin was invulnerable until i got this blessing

User Info: FindKenshi

5 years ago#6
Sounds like you lack resistance. If you're level 45 and still have no res on your quip, how can you consider yourself endgame?
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User Info: FlyEaglesFly24

5 years ago#7
Spoilers in the title you jerk.
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User Info: JamieAubrey01

5 years ago#8
What I did was run up the mountain and hid behind a rock with my bow and arrow, use Dragonsrend to keep him grounded, hit him with about 3-4 arrows while you wait for Dragonsrend to fill R+R,

Also good thing to save everytime you get his health down a certain amount
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  3. How the hell do I kill Alduin? (SPOILERS)

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