Walking during the day as a vampire

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User Info: youshallbeasgod

5 years ago#1
Can I do something so my health and stamina recover? I don't care about the 15points nerf but damn, this game is so much better to see during daylight..

User Info: instigator1230

5 years ago#2
Uh... having to cope with missing out on all the benefits of wandering around in the sunlight is the price you pay for sparkly skin and underage girls madly in love with you... just sayin.
-2nd cousin, thrice removed, of a guy who once accidentally bumped into the Toeh.

User Info: HolyGigo

5 years ago#3
You can either eat vegetable soup, venison stew, or anything else that regenerates 1 hp and stamina per second, or use Respite to restore stamina. HP regeneration is pretty slow anyway, so I doubt you're trying to rely on that to stay alive during combat so I'm assuming low stamina is the issue. You can also try taking the Lady Stone blessing, which gives + hp and stamina regeneration... OR, use rings or armor with those enchantments.

There are probably more ways too... just get creative. Vampire can be annoying but it can also be fun.
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  3. Walking during the day as a vampire

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