Role Play ideas for a Mage

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User Info: Jahcomus

5 years ago#1
Well, like most people I started this game off as a Nord warrior. Bland for role playing, but fun enough. I am around level 28 and have finished the Companion missions, and about 40%-60% done the imperial and main quest missions. I initially wanted to make a battle-mage, but considering that was the class of my main character in Morrowind AND Oblivion I decided to go for my first-ever TES pure mage. After a while of thinking of new ideas for the mage I came up with a Nord pure mage who wants to prove that Nords can do anything (like magic) and the Empire is useless to them. This way I can do 2 new questlines (the College and the Stormcloak ones) plus I get a neat character to RP. But after looking up how to properly be a pure mage in Skyrim I found that the character of choice is almost always a High Elf. I didn't think a Nord mage would be that bad in Skyrim considering Bethesda removed stats (Intelligence, Willpower etc.) from the game but High Elves start with a whole 50 more magicka and magic bonuses.

So, to sum that mess up, I need either a good mage RP idea, or some ways to balance out how horrible a Nordic mage would be.

Thank you very much!

User Info: SoulOfFayth

5 years ago#2
Well I just started a pure mage too, made him a dunmer despite everyone fellating altmer and breton. Down the line those 50 extra points won't matter too much, you just gotta pick the race that fits best to your character. I'll eventually make my guy into an evil necromancer, so dunmer seemed best. You certainly could make a nord mage who'll roast imperials, just focus on destruction, and maybe conjuration for bound weapons, but nords won't let others fight for them of course. Then restoration and alteration for armor spells and you'll be an arcane tank.
Of course you'll probably need to use enchanting to be able to cast all that.
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User Info: Trugamer

5 years ago#3
You really need alchemy for a mage IMO just to make awsome destruction magic potions.

User Info: hauntbot

5 years ago#4
you can get 2 schools down to 0% casting. if you think thats too cheesy or want to make heavy use of more than 2 schools, you can get 3 schools down to 73% of your normal cost, plus 15% off the other two.

so if you want to be a nord mage you should be fine.

altmer and bretons are the best, sure, but race doesnt make a huge impact on gameplay period.
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User Info: Jahcomus

5 years ago#5
Thanks for the response guys. Especially hauntbot, I think I will push to 100 Enchanting quick to reduce my casting costs and stick with my idea of a Stormcloak mage.
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