I can't move! Someone please help!

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  3. I can't move! Someone please help!

User Info: Ultima724

5 years ago#1
I left Mistveil keep and fast traveled, but my character won't move. He can still do everything, but he's stuck on the same spot. I can move if I get on a horse, but I still have the same problem when I get off. Will I need to go back to my last real save two hours before the glitch?

User Info: DirrtyRockstarr

5 years ago#2
I think I might of had the same problem as you once. I can't really remember what I did though to fix, might of reloaded the save, reset the Xbox....
Can't remember :(

User Info: Safer_777

5 years ago#3
Maybe drop some items just in case?
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User Info: DrBoneCrusher

5 years ago#4
Had the exact same thing happen to me once after fast traveling. Had to exit out of the game to the xbox dashboard and reload. Everything was fine after that, but it was annoying.

User Info: nutty_28

5 years ago#5
Can you use whirlwind sprint? I have managed to get out of a similar situation using it.
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User Info: bibfortuna25

5 years ago#6
Fast travel somewhere else.
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User Info: Ctrl_Alt_FU

5 years ago#7
Try using the left thumbstick. I find that gets me moving.
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User Info: Meech55

5 years ago#8
You haven't saved for two hours!?

Wowzas. Anyway, fast-traveling might be the answer you are looking for.
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User Info: TheLongArmedOne

5 years ago#9
Quote:Maybe drop some items just in case?
@Safer Sephiroth 777
You can still move if you're over encumbered.
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  3. I can't move! Someone please help!

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