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User Info: da_bears_8586

5 years ago#1
What are some easy ways to level up. And preferably at the same time get your archery level up
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User Info: thebobevil

5 years ago#2
How to level archery to 50 quick :

Go to Riverwood.

Talk to Faendal.

Take the letter to Camilla.

Talk to Faendal.

Get him to follow you.

Get him to train you in archery.

Get your money back off him by asking to trade.

There are so many quick level guides on this board, searching for one will only take you a moment.
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User Info: Kamiakume

5 years ago#3
A good way to level as well is pickpocketing. Holy **** do I level up quickly. Got two skill levels off the Jarl of Whiterun. Another quick level up trick is cast Soul Capture on a dead body. Your Conj. goes up, but so does your base level. Also, casting Courage on NPC will raise your Illusion and base level.
Buy tons of Iron and leather strips and make Iron Daggers for quick Smithing level up as well as your base level.

User Info: ziek2517

5 years ago#4
Casting muffle is the best for Illusion until you get invisibility, just walk around spamming it every chance you get.

Casting Detect Life is the best for Alteration until you get Telekenisis. Same thing just keep using it all the time. Use oakflesh/stoneflesh every time you're in battle helps too if you don't have the other two yet.

For restoration go find some mudcrabs and let them beat up on you while you keep healing yourself. The higher level spells will level you the quickest. This will also level up what ever type of armor you're wearing and also your block if you equip a shield.

And here is the best tip I can give which will level conjuration and destruction at the same time. Conjure up a flame atronach, then cast a flame rune right under it, then re cast another flame atronach in the same exact spot. This will cause the flame rune to explode leveling your destruction and causes damage to the old atronach before it disappears and causes damage to the new atronach. You can use summon familiar as well but the blast always kills the newly summoned familiar so you end up having to recast another. I found you use less magicka if you stick with the Atronoch. This levels your conjuration faster then your destruction so you can always just attack your atronach until it becomes hostile then use your destruction spell of choice. You can also level your 1 or 2 handed weapons if you want that way.

For smithing as many iron daggers or hide bracers as you can make then enchant them with stamina damage or paralyze (if you have it) to level your enchanting. Selling your daggers will help somewhat to level speech, but there is a better place to glitch that. Can't remember off the top of my head but just search "level speech".

There are many other short cuts for other things out there, but these are a few I used.

But a word of caution don't level one thing up really high without your combat skills and armor being leveled at the same time. That's the whole definition of arrow in the knee ;)
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User Info: N3WP0RTZ

5 years ago#5
The best way to purely level up is by power-leveling enchanting and smithing. But there will be complications later on. Being level 20 with level 10 combat skills isn't a really a good idea but if you're interested.

Go to whiterun's blacksmith, warmaiden's, buy iron ingots and leather strips from the lady outside, go inside buy iron ingots and leather strips from the guy at the counter. Go to the companions guild, climb up the stairs next to it and buy iron ingots and leather strips from the guy at the skyforge.

Activate the warrior stone, rent a bed in an inn and sleep, go to a smith, make iron daggers until you have no iron ingots. Wait 48 hours, repeat.

Buy petty soul gems from the court mage in dragonsreach and go to all general stores, buy all petty soul gems, go to the college of winterhold and buy petty soul gems from Enthir in the hall of attainment.

Kill petty creatures, EX: deer, bunnies, fox, mudcrabs outside of whiterun. Activate the mage's stone, rent a bed and rest, and enchant the iron daggers with the enchantment that gives the dagger the most value. Sell the daggers. Repeat.

Power-leveling enchanted and smithing will cost around 10k to get them up to level 100 each. After-wards you can sell the items you enchanting to get back the money and maybe a profit depending on the enchantment you used.
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User Info: ziek2517

5 years ago#6
One more tip for getting iron if you have the money to buy it. Buy all the iron ore and bars that the vendor has, save your game, attack the vendor till they turn hostile or you kill them, reload your save and the vendor will be restocked with items and full of money, so it works for selling items if they run out of money. I also used this technique to find enchanted gear (if the vendor sells it). If they don't have an item you're looking for, save kill reload, and they will have an entirely different selection of items. My vendor of choice was always Warmaidens in Whiterun. But it works on any vendor anywhere.

One last tip, and this is a pretty good glitch. If you have a follower (I use Lydia) give them a weapon that has a soul stealing enchant on it and give them as many empty petty soul gems as you can get. Go out hunting mudcrabs or anything else that will fill a petty gem. Let your follower kill the enemy and they will fill the soul gem in their inventory, but here is the glitch most of the time they will fill an entire stack of gems with only one kill. Now I don't know if this only works with Lydia because she's the only one I've ever used (for the last 150 hours), but I would think it would work with any of them. You just have to make sure they are using the weapon equipped with soul stealing to make the kill. Now this isn't limited to petty gems, I gave her 20 grand soul gems and let her make the killing blow on a mammoth and I had 20 filled grand soul gems. Just keep track of what empty gems they have because they will blow a stack of grand gems with petty souls if they don't have any empty petty gems.

This technique isn't 100% but for me it probably works 70% of the time. Good luck, hope this helps.
Silly Christians, myths are for kids!
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