"Forget the list, she goes to the block."

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  3. "Forget the list, she goes to the block."

User Info: Ctrl_Alt_FU

6 years ago#1
Hypocrite belongs at the cutting board.
Gamertag: Ctrl Alt Boot

User Info: RageBattle

6 years ago#2
I enjoy following Ralof just to kill her.

User Info: HolyGigo

6 years ago#3
Yeah, I hate that woman... I follow Ralof and make sure I get to kill her, but then I join the Legion anyway. Revenge is sweet, but killing Stormcloaks is sweeter.
"I'll let my guns do the preaching."

User Info: Zero IX

Zero IX
6 years ago#4
**** the Empire.

I'm backing the Stormcloaks (damn me to Oblivion).
"An Incandescent Revelation in a World of Darkened Forms"
The bird of Hermes is my name, eating my wings to make me tame

User Info: Aqua69696

6 years ago#5
I assume that because you were in the vicinity of Ulfric, they had to execute you. It's a war, they can't take chances.
All work and no play makes garland a DEAD MAN.
...why would they draw that? -Garland, 8 Bit Theatre
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  2. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  3. "Forget the list, she goes to the block."

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