House Decorating Guide: How to Move and Drag Items to Customize your Skyrim Home

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    Are There Any Items I Can't Decorate With?

    When I said that 99% of items are only thrown on the floor one time, there does remain that 1% that won't stay put no matter what you do. These items will always end up going somewhere when you re-enter the cell, and have the potential of glitching through a wall and becoming lost forever.

    Here's a brief list of items to avoid (that I've found) when decorating - you're welcome to try them at your own risk, but don't say I didn't warn you:

    - Thieve's Guild Larceny Items (just leave 'em all where Delvin puts them)

    - Wooden Mask (Haven't tested Dragon Priest Masks)

    - Circlets (even generic ones)

    - Staff of Magnus (DON'T put this one on a weapon rack either - it will gradually shift its position to the point where it might 'destroy' the rack or plaque its on, making you permanently unable to put a new weapon there).

    - Keening (I didn't test this one fully, but it has the same potential as the Staff of Magnus to move around and destroy a plaque or case, so I wouldn't push it).

    On that note, if you notice that a weapon placed on a rack is gradually moving out of postition every time you re-enter your home, take it out and just keep it in a chest.

    I've also run into a bug where items can't be moved at all once you re-enter the cell - you can't even push them with your body or another item. I think this is a bug related to lag, because it started affecting certain items late in the game that weren't affected earlier on. It's still possible to decorate with these items if this happens, though - since an item reverts to its original drop point upon re-entry of the cell, you have to actually drop the item from your inventory into the position you want it; it takes some practice, but isn't impossible.

    Finally, the collision physics in this game seem even more whacked-out than in Fallout 3 - as such, you can't count on putting items in bowls or on plates the way you used to. I wouldn't recommend putting anything but food and ingredients in your self-placed bowls, and plates can only handle certain types of items without doing the cha-cha halfway across your table. It's something you kinda have to try for yourself to get a good picture of, but definitely do not try to place a bunch of rings or gemstones in or on a self-placed bowl or plate, unless you want to marvel at the magic of a tap-dancing silver bowl.

    So if you're still reading at this point, thanks for reading, and hopefully some of these tips will make house-decorating more fun, or at least bearable. I'm pretty nutty over it myself (was even compelled to ditch a 150-hour character simply because I was glitched out of buying Honeyside), so if you have any specific questions, I can probably answer them.
    Simple questions deserve long-winded answers that no one will bother to read.