House Decorating Guide: How to Move and Drag Items to Customize your Skyrim Home

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User Info: yearofthetiger

4 years ago#141
Placing wine bottles on a table: You can't move the bottle to the edge of the table like you used to do, because now the bottles turn upside down. Instead, you have to place the bottle on the table and quickly drag it toward you, toward the edge, and it should stand up. But you have to stop dragging it at the right moment to get it to stand up. Make sure you have enough room on the table to move the bottle around. To get the now-standing bottle exactly where you want it without knocking it down or picking it up again, you have to drag it very slowly, pushing or pulling it little by little.

Placing a Dibella statue on a table: Unlike wine bottles, the Dibella statue is too tall to use the above method; it'll more than likely fall over even when it's almost upright. Unfortunately, you just have to have plenty of space on the table, be standing in the right spot and looking down at the right angle, and by trial and error keep dropping the Dibella statue (from your inventory, not dropping it after picking it up in the air) until you get it right. And again, drop it on the floor and re-enter the cell before you do anything else.

For the above tips I recommend not having any animals or atronachs in the house, as they tend to knock things over.

User Info: RagingBullz_2

4 years ago#142
Killing paarthy is a Dick move

User Info: Bugmeat

4 years ago#143
Bethesda knows how people love to decorate their homes with the plethora of items found in these games. You'd think by now they'd put just the tiniest bit of effort into making it a little more user friendly. Or at the very least not make it even harder than it used to be.

Do helmets have room inside them for skulls? I have fond memories of placing skulls inside all of my open faced helms in Morrowind. This was not possible in Oblivion.
"Everyone has a plan 'till they get punched in the mouth"

User Info: asrttyoxo

4 years ago#144
Thanks for the info

User Info: XanderRinge

4 years ago#145
The f******* weight system makes this way too much of a hassle to be worth s***. Yes, I am frustrated. Twenty minutes and I just said f*** it, and put the bugs in jars upside down. This is way too frustrating and is not worth it

Bethesda needs to make stuff that works, and that goes for this entire game. Nearly a year later and there are still big glitches in this game. I love those guys and this game is truly awesome, but these glitches and stupid ideas like the weight system for picking up objects make the game a lot less fun.
The fruits of our labors can be the sweetest or the most spoiled we've ever tasted.
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User Info: masterpug53

4 years ago#146
^I feals ya, brotorian.
Simple questions deserve long-winded answers that no one will bother to read.

User Info: Vanderol

4 years ago#147
First I'd like to reiterate all the praise and worship that has been said and uttered, it is well deserved. Good topic!

Second I'd like to ask if there is a way to securely place the Blade of Woe into a small Hearthfire display case.
I'm not much into decorating, but I have my small room rearranged into an entry hall and usually display there the unique weapons you get from the different guilds and factions, ie Nightingale Blade and Bow, Auriel's Bow, Wuuthrad, Staff of Magnus and this stubborn dagger, that doesn't want to stay in its display case.

It's not too big of a deal to readjust it from time to time, but it bothers me nonetheless. ^^ Actually so far that I refrain from building an armory and have a library instead because books don't wander out of their shelves. >__>"
What use are all those shiny weapon racks and display cases when the stuff worthy of displaying does not want to stay in it?! x__X

User Info: masterpug53

4 years ago#148
^One of the many baffling inconsistencies present Hearthfire. I tried forever to get a specially-enchanted set of Al'ikir (sp) hood, robes, and a scimitar in one of the larger display cases, taking forever to position things just right so that the dumbass scimitar would stay put...and come back later to find the robes on the floor, signifying that they're one of those items that will always revert to its drop point >:(

Some items in this game unfortunately just have poor in-world physics / take up extra invisible amounts of space rather than following the actual contours of the item, and it sounds like the BoW might be one. With the nerfing of the move / drag feature, even I'm forcing myself to give up / compromise on how I want things to look because it really isn't worth the frustration. So at the end of the day, I might just recommend using one of the bigger display cases if it doesn't fit in the dagger-sized ones - there's a medium-sized sword case near the master bed in the upstairs main hall that might work better.
Simple questions deserve long-winded answers that no one will bother to read.

User Info: Vanderol

4 years ago#149
Thanks for answering!

I guess I just have to continue with readjusting that stupid dagger every time I enter my home, I really want it to be there and in no other part/display case of the house. It's part the team now! ò_Ó
Maybe it's shy and doesn't want to be shown where every visitor/resident will see it. >__>"

And I might as well put all my Deadric stuff back into Hjerim (where at least pieces never left their display cases) and set up a Deadra museum...and when I'm in the mood I might put up one of the other Hearthfire homes as some sort of Dohvakiin museum. Uh, I like the idea. °___°

Skyrim needs some adoring fans as paying customers! =D

User Info: Vanderol

4 years ago#150
I'm sooooo proud of myself! \o/

After eons of dragging, lifting, shoving, even using telekinesis and occasionally going outside and doing some Fus Do Rah venting I managed to place a statue of Dibella on that dresser/cupboard thing next to the big bed in the bedroom wing (Lakeview Manor, Hearthfire). It stands right between the tiny strongbox and the candle-horn thing. It was a pain in the ass to put it there because the bed takes away all maneuvering space.
Now if it survives the respawn of the plate and honeycomb that use to be in front of the strongbox I will be a happy home decorator. xD
It may be not a big achievement, but please don't mind me. o/

Oh and I tried to drop a Dawnguard rune weapon for placing purposes. It completely vanished. It was the hammer and I think there is an axe as well, maybe better luck with that one...
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