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High Elf From Loading Screen.

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User Info: CorduroyTrouser

5 years ago#1
Hey guys, I've been trying to create the perfect character on Skyrim for so long and I'm so picky with the little details. I've noticed a really cool looking High Elf on the loading screen wearing the Thalmor armor, I'm not sure if any of you guys would know what I was referencing to but I'd love to recreate this elf somehow!

If any of you guys know of any way to recreate this guy then I'd really appreciate some tips on how I could do it for myself.


User Info: OniSlaughtHamma

5 years ago#2
Yeah make a high elf and set the traits similar to his.

Not hard.
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User Info: CorduroyTrouser

5 years ago#3
Yeah thanks for that bro, you're a genius.
It's not that simple, there's no skin tone that seems to match and my end result always comes out looking fugly as.

User Info: eugene1222

5 years ago#4
Load screen characters are all made before the final version and are for show.

That redguard looks awfuly similar to nazir, but thats about it. All the others have skin tones and facial features which are not really in the final game. + he has hair which comes out from under the thalmor hood - that never happens in game since it will make your character "bald" whenever you have a helm/hood on.
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User Info: CorduroyTrouser

5 years ago#5
Ahh I see, I knew that there'd be no way to recreate the image perfectly but I wanted to get it as similar as I could. Besides, the fact that the Thalmor hood would mask the hair just ruins the dream completely anyway, I hate that about this game.

Anyway, thanks for the help, Eugene! I appreciate it.
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