Scorpion's grinding guide to level 81 * some spoilers" updated & edited

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User Info: RagingBullz_2

4 years ago#111
The next elder scrolls shouldn't have any diseases since it doesn't even matter

User Info: demonwyrm

4 years ago#112
After reading through this entire guide (yes, I'm posting absurdly late here... who the hell is gonna read my post here anyway?), no one has posted the easiest way to grind pickpocketing. There was a post many pages back that suggested placing a bit of gold onto a target and picking it back. That's a good start, but how can you grind it quickly?

First, dump the difficulty down to novice (the first part of this exploit will be much easier for mages). Head to Solitude. Commit a minor crime (I prefer to walk up to someone and punch them in the head). Completely give in to the guard when he attempts to make an arrest and get sent to Castle Dour Dungeon.

While in your cell, either pick your way out of your cell or wait for the guard to make his rounds and pick the key out of his pocket when he passes your cell (it doesn't matter if you successfully pick the key, you just need to get that cell open. If you fail to pick his key, don't worry, your cell will be opened momentarily).

This is where mages are going to benefit, but having the difficulty at novice should make this easy for any competent gamer. Kill all the guards in the dungeon (there should only be 2-3 max. Using shouts may alert the Legate, who will zone in from the actual castle, and all hell will break loose, just kill the guards as conventionally as possible). Also make sure you loot a Castle Dour Key off one of the dead guards.

Now locate the prisoner chests where all your belongings are located and remove 100 gold from the chest. Nothing else (not even a higher gold amount, the more gold you try and pick, the lower the success rate). You want to keep the menu as basic as possible for speed. I would also recommend stripping down to your undies so that the only thing in your inventory is gold.

Go back down to your cell. Directly to the left (if you're facing your cell), in another cell, should be Bjartur. It has to be daytime for her to be awake and standing up. Get right up against her cell door and you should be able to pickpocket her. Sometimes she's just out of range. Waiting an hour or 2 may slightly adjust her stance so that she'll be within picking range (this is one of those annoying things you may have to fiddle with).

Now just simply do the aforementioned place/pick gold exploit. Without the guards, she has no one to call out to. She'll just stand there and watch. You should pick her Belted Tunic first and drop it out of the way to keep her menu as minimal as possible. If your pickpocketing is under 30, be patient. She'll catch you quite a few times (don't worry, as I said, there are no guards for her to call out to, you won't get charged for a crime, it's just REALLY annoying). At around 35, you can place/pick quite a few times before she catches you. To make things easier (unless you're using this exploit for extra perk points to add to other skills), activate picking perks as you go.

In the end this should take around 15 - 20 minutes to complete. Also, if you're a trophy hunter, three possible trophies you might gain (depending how early you decide to use this exploit) are the Thief, Skill Master and Wanted trophies. Also, if you took my advice, don't forget that you're standing there with nothing more than 100 gold and some cheap underwear. Don't forget to get the rest of your stuff.

And I have to drive this home one more time. If your pickpocketing is under 30, you're going to get pretty pissed off at first. Bjartur will constantly catch you. You have to stick with it till you hit around 35 pickpocketing. It's called grinding for a reason.
(edited 4 years ago)

User Info: LoneDragon

4 years ago#113
MetalMessiah999 posted...
That was painful to read. You should work on your grammar and overall writing before you make a guide like this.

I was thinking the same thing when I read it. Though I have seen much worse on this site.
Seems like have the planet needs to learn the word "you're"
(edited 4 years ago)

User Info: zamaterasu

4 years ago#114
Another method for conjuration.....unless they patched it (but i dont think they did)

Create armor that makes conjuration 0 to cast or close to it at least. go kill a giant and just use soul trap (at least i think its soul trap. been a while since i played this game) over and over again on his dead body. I leveled conjuration to 100 faster than any of my other skills. This might be an exploit since the giant is dead but idk if bethesda meant for casting soul trap on a dead body to increase conjuration levels.

Another method for restoration

Set the game difficulty to novice. Create armor that makes restoration cost 0 magicka. go to whiterun and just punch one of the guards a couple times to make him hostile. resist arrest and run around whiterun gathering as many guards as possible (or that u can handle) and just let them beat u up. The whole time you are casting the healing spell that you can just hold the trigger and it will keep casting. What i did is tape my controllers triggers and went to sleep. Just make sure you are gaining more health than you are losing. so you dont die you can do this method while leveling heavy and light armor too. dualcast is recommended too.

User Info: Dfdwad

4 years ago#115
Well i think they are gonna add new trees to level up more cause level 81 and a half why not just level 81 or just level 82 not level 81 and a half

User Info: padamkfire

4 years ago#116
For those saying that this method makes the game boring:

It is really hard to level up all of these skills the natural way. I don't think there's even enough quests or organic situations in the game to level everything properly (unless you take advantage of the radiant quests, which are mostly boring). I played the game from beginning to end as a warrior using one-hand, and after completing the game and the majority of side quests my one-hand was only at 80-85. Some of these skills are more painful to level naturally than grinding,especially if it's end game and the you're leveling a skill you never use.

User Info: thirtyFWEE

4 years ago#117
nice very helpful
mods are hypersensitive little girls.

User Info: EpicMickeyDrew

4 years ago#118
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User Info: gwwak

4 years ago#119
Hardcore - We'll probably be modded for this...
Bump for Justice
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