Scorpion's grinding guide to level 81 * some spoilers" updated & edited

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User Info: Coryney

4 years ago#131
jammymacster posted...
Certain, same experience regardless. Only when successfully picking the lock is there variation based on the difficulty of the lock.
0.25 base exp for breaking a lockpick. 2, 3, 5, 8, or 13 base experience for successfully picking a lock based on difficulty.

Also it isn't necessary for it to almost open the lock. You get the same experience regardless of how close it is to the open position when it breaks. If anything it's better that it's far from the open position so it breaks quicker.

Yeah had a quick look and found not difference between Novice and Master except Master worked A LOT better as the lockpick broke quicker

Also if there is no difference between if the lock pick breaks all not then I guess the protocol becomes A LOT simpler

1) Stock up on a couple thousand Lockpicks
2) Find a lock
3) Make sure the pick breaks straight away upon attempting to open the lock
4) Set the controller to automatically try and pick the lock.
5) Read a book and occasionally check to ensure you still have some lock picks left/haven't reached lvl 100.
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User Info: Ryan-06

4 years ago#133
Scorpion sucks!

jk thanks.
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User Info: CarbideTitan

4 years ago#134
Scorpion122178 posted...

Assuming you're in Helgen starting your character

Everything's better with thrusters.
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User Info: Khaos_King

4 years ago#136
Impressive, sir. Tag.
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User Info: Acidandstuff

4 years ago#138
Scorpion122178 posted...
Sneak: Sneak behind Paarthurnax and start doing sneak attacks on him from behind using a weak one-handed weapon, now don't get to chop happy or he will become hostile and f*** you up. Do a sneak attack wait for him not to notice do another. So on and so forth till 100, easy.
You can do that on Hadvar/Ralof in the beginning.

Not sure if it's been fixed, but archery is affected by the Thief Stone.

(I can't remember how to do a link...)

User Info: BlacknGold86

4 years ago#139
thelovefist posted...
Why is this still stickied? The information here is all wrong and the links are broken.

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User Info: jammymacster

4 years ago#140
BlacknGold86 posted...
Just go away. Why make enemies all over gfaqs?

It's been over a year since that message so he may well have done.
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