Scorpion's grinding guide to level 81 * some spoilers" updated & edited

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User Info: BaboonMan123

5 years ago#91
Scorpion122178 posted...
That is the most valuable potion in the game.

Giant's Toe + Wheat + River Betty/Creep Cluster?

I'm pretty sure Giant's Toe + Bear Claws + Hanging Moss and Giant's Toe + Blue Butterfly Wing + Blue Mountain Flower are slightly more valuable.
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shadowmoses2121 posted...
Nice, well written, guide. I imagine it took a long time to find all of the methods for each of the skills.

While this is a nice guide, why didn't you submit it as a guide instead of a forum topic?
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User Info: Jeh64

5 years ago#93

User Info: darkgoob

5 years ago#94
To powerlevel one-handed and two-handed:

1) Get all 3 ranks in Elemental Fury Shout
2) Optional: use Fortify Restoration glitch + Amulet of Talos to make your shout cooldown non-existant
3) Get Shadowmere and put him in the small stable at Fort Snowhawk so he can't run away while you hit him
4) Cast Elemental Fury and hit Shadowmere with an axe (one-handed) or hammer (2-handed) over and over

I was gaining 1 level of 1-handed every 1:06 with this method (one minute, six seconds) using the war axe.


User Info: etrok2003

5 years ago#95
nightphantom850 posted...
Im gonna be that guy. Great another useless guide for vets >.>..

actually this is a great guide For people who are just starting this game.
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User Info: Ardus

5 years ago#96
Great guide. I don't think I'd ever want to grind to level 81, but some good info nonetheless.
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User Info: thelovefist

5 years ago#97
garcia_jx posted...
Do these methods work after the latest patch?

They never worked before the patch. Like I said earlier, this is not sticky worthy as most of the information posted here is factually incorrect.

User Info: Venomscarnage

5 years ago#98
From: Scorpion122178 | #052
I've already addressed the oghma infinium exploit, if you want to take that route go for it but it isn't going to be around come patch 1.5. It was already removed from the PC version of the game. Assuming people will still buy and play this game a year from now this guide will be useful to them, honestly I know haters gonna hate regardless but already several people have thanked me for making this guide, who knows how many have found use in it but didn't post a thank you response. In short if its helping other people and not hurting you wth is your problem with it. You guys think you can do a better guide? Go for it then, I'll be the first one requesting that topic be stickyed and this one unstickyed.

It still works even after 1.6 patch just have to do it differently.

1 Get the Oghma Infinium
2. Go to a bookshelf and hit a to access it
3. Read the OI while in the bookshelf menu
4. Put OI on bookshelf
5. Read the OI but select "Do Not Read"
6. Take book and repeat steps 1-5
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User Info: Ryan-06

5 years ago#99
Scorpion sucks! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I used to have a messy house like you....

EDIT @Venomscarnage Thanks, I was looking for a way. Nice it still works.
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User Info: sGxSkiLLzZ

5 years ago#100
If you're going to grind why not do the book glitch instead?
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