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User Info: Keytosa

5 years ago#1
Hey guys. First time poster here on GameSpot. I was just hoping for some character build advice to start a new game and beat the main quest, most of the side quests, and the Imperial or Stormcloak quest. I'm a sports/FPS (NOT CoD) gamer for the most part but I did enjoy the first few AC games. So RPGs are a little new to me. I tried playing Fallout 3 and New Vegas over the summer but just couldn't get into them at all. I probably just didn't give them a chance. So I picked up Skyrim in the fall and started basically my first RPG character ever. It was kinda strange as I was level 35+ in heavy armor, archery, sneaking (due to archery from long distance) and blocking. I split my perks up too much so I was basically never going to be good at one thing - just decent at many things - so I deleted that character. I then made more of an archer but I found it extremely unrealistic to be able to take so much damage wearing fur. I deleted that one too. I then made another warrior that "lived off the land" by hunting, fishing, and making armor and weapons for a job. This was pretty cool but it's just so easy to make gold in this game if you are patient and take everything of value off your enemies. Then school and work got really busy for me so I stopped playing form November until now. I made another warrior last night but I just can't seem to get into it. I think I want something different. My friend suggested a dual-wield dagger/sneak character. I really like this suggestion and will probably give it a shot unless you guys have any other suggestions. This is really my first RPG so I don't really know what I should do. Thanks! :D

User Info: WhiteChalk

5 years ago#2
My character is kind of spread out all over the place but personally I like it. I have all my perks in:

Heavy armor
Two handed
Block (5 points)

I couldn't really decide on a build in the beginning (much like you) but in the end I found staying true to what WANT to use will provide the most fun. For example, I got lots of negative feedback about having points in sneak + heavy armor + two handed. Thing is cosmetically I enjoy heavy armor more than light, enjoy two handed weapons the most, but like sneak attacks. In the end I made it work by just using my bow for sneak attacks at range and use my two hander when/if they make it in close.

It sounds to me like you may enjoy a sneaky assassin type character. I suggest one handed, sneak, and light armor. From there it's up to you. Figure out if you like daggers or one handed weapons better and plan your perks accordingly. (IE increasing backstabbing damage if using daggers.)

For your ranged combat options its up to you. Destruction magic has some good AOE and stunning effects from the impact perk, though it can be argued that Destruction becomes weaker near endgame without enchanting spell cost reduction on your gear. Illusion (while not really a ranged attack option) compliments any stealth character and with heavy perk investment is useful the entire game. Using a bow compliments the build as well due to and increased sneak attack damage perk (deadly shot).

In the end, it's really up to you. Keep in mind the max level is 81 which provides enough perks for any complete build and then some left over. I suggest staying true to yourself and rather than focusing on certain builds because "they are the most effective at what they do" focus on the skills YOU would like to see in a character. Any build can be viable end game. What matters most is whether you're having fun with it. =)
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User Info: Keytosa

5 years ago#3
Thanks a lot man. That was really helpful. I'm leaning towards the assassin type player. I'll also make him good at arching to attack from range (sneakily). If my enemy gets in close its all over. Thanks for help man! :D

User Info: rev127

5 years ago#4
Try to get some kind of illusion spells going. My Assassin/Archer's butt has been saved many times by using calm/fear because in close combat i am toast.
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User Info: Keytosa

5 years ago#5
Thanks again for all the help. I ended up making a Wood Elf (couldn't stand being a cat). I'm playing with NO HUD which add to even more realism and a challenge. Thanks for the help!
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